Football Testing Photo Gallery II

Florida State's Football Team tested on Thursday afternoon. Pictured in today's photo gallery is Mister Alexander, Nigel Carr, Myron Rolle, Jamie Robinson, Darius McClure, Toddrick Verdell, Nigel Bradham, Paul Griffin, E.J. Manuel, Terrance Parks, Jarmon Fortson and many more.

Ochuko Jenije sprints this way

Close-up of Jamie Robinson

Brandon Paul finishes his 40 here

Paul Griffin runs his cone drill

Preston Parker runs hard to the finish

Parker runs his cone drill here

Graham Gano runs hard here

Maurice Harris finishes his 40 up right here

Taiwan Easterling finishes strong

Christian Ponder heads to the finish of the 40

Jimbo Fisher was there for a short bit

Rodney Gallon took his attempt at the 40 here

Seddrick Holloway grinded out this 40 time

Toddrick Verdell warms up before his 40 timing

Verdell sprints our way

Verdell pushes forward for a better time

Rod Owens here

Owens posted times in the 4.4 region

Nigel Carr stretched to finish his 40 here

Another shot of Carr

Mister Alexander took time to show off his handstand abilities

Jimbo Fisher and Jarmon Fortson watched some 40 attempts together

A closer look at the new number 80

Darius McClure handing out a few pointers to Patrick Robinson

Vince Williams slows up after he crosses the line

Everette Brown sprints this way

Brown warms up a little before his times

Myron Rolle comes our way on his 2nd 40 attempt

Rolle pushes for a quick time

Bert Reed finished with a quick time in the low 4.3 area

Reed tried hard to break the 4.3 mark

Patrick Robinson sprints this way

Robinson on his team best 4.25 run

Robinson again

Tony Carter ran the second fastest time at 4.31

Close look at Nigel Bradham


A look at Bradham while taking part in a head-to-head race

E.J. Manuel runs his 40 here

Manuel extends to finish his 40

Closer look at Manuel

Terrance Parks

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