Coach's Corner: James Coley

Tight end coach and recruiting coordinator James Coley answers the question if you can win with an average quarterback on the college level and talks about talented, soft players.

Coach Coley, The role of the quarterback. In the 80's and 90's many college football teams won with just average quarterbacks. Can you still win with an average quarterback on the college level or has it become harder because of the way the quarterback is asked to do so much more now especially in the passing game then 10-15 years ago?

I think that the college game has changed, especially the top end BCS teams. It is like the NFL, how many teams win with average quarterbacks. You need a trigger guy. He has to be able to do the same things as your best players. Quarterbacks must be accurate and their decision making is key. That's why we went after the best quarterbacks last year and why we are doing the same this year. We won't settle for just any quarterback.

Coach Coley, in recruiting there are plenty of players that can physically play at a school like Florida State, Miami or Florida, what mentally are you looking for in a player? If you know a player is physically talented but maybe not real tough do you feel that is the type of player that can be coached out of that trait?

I think toughness is a skill. That has to be factored in the evaluation. Toughness is like skills (speed, strength or agility). It is an intangible that is god-given. If you are not going to bite as a pup you won't bite as an adult. In high school we need to see guys that get after it. We won't recruit soft players.

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