Familiar Feeling

Embattled quarterback Chris Rix made his first appearance Saturday since losing his starting job three weeks ago following the Notre Dame game. Rix certainly made the most of his opportunity, throwing a TD pass on his first play from scrimmage. "I probably haven't that feeling, that show of emotion, since my first game (at FSU)," he said. Rix also chats about his preparation as the backup and the rumors surrounding a possible transfer.

Chris Rix certainly made the most of his opportunity Saturday against North Carolina.

Florida State's embattled quarterback played for the first time since losing his starting job after the Notre Dame loss three weeks ago. It didn't take long for Rix to bring the Doak Campbell Stadium crowd to its feet in celebration.

On his first snap, Rix play-faked to his tailback and threw a perfect spiral that connected with Craphonso Thorpe in full stride for a 52-yard touchdown. Rix turned and looked towards the Seminoles' student section in the north end zone and then pointed upward, as the fans erupted in cheers. He then sprinted towards the south end zone to celebrate with his teammates.

Once he reached the sideline, many of Rix's teammates, including several defensive starters and starting quarterback Adrian McPherson made a point to congratulate him.

"I probably haven't that feeling, that show of emotion, since my first game (at FSU)," Rix told TheTerritory.

"It was a blessing to get back in there and have the opportunity to throw that ball. When they called that play, I just said, ‘Guys, just give me time and Cro, let's make it happen. And let's get off the field.' I knew if I had the time, I knew he would run the right route and I knew I would get it out there. Just the feeling to hear that crowd again, get that feeling, it was something else. I really missed it. It felt good."

Rix, who played another series before giving way to Fabian Walker,also stressed he has no thoughts or plans to transfer, even if McPherson remains the No. 1 quarterback. Rix said he continues to prepare for each week as if he was the Seminoles' starter.

"It's a different mentality, it's a different approach to the game. I am just trying to be ready," Rix said. "One play away – you have to be ready. I've been preparing to play every week. I missed it and it was good to get back out there and hopefully it wasn't my last pass of the season. I am (here) and will keep battling."

Rix also said he has been impressed with McPherson's play and said he's available to lend a helping hand.

"I am trying. He knows the offense and he's doing a great job," Rix said of McPherson. "Trying to help him out, if he misses a front call or misses a defense. Trying to see what he's thinking out there. He doesn't need much help. I try as much as I can. Whether he accepts that, how he takes that, I can't control. I think he did a good job tonight and he's been doing a good job."

Coach Bobby Bowden said Rix's play reinforced the Seminoles' quarterback luxury.

"There is no quarterback controversy," Bowden said. "If AD (McPherson) was doing poorly, you could start a controversy, but he is not doing poorly."

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