Is Thornton qualified?

This time of year recruits from the 2008 class are making final attempts to qualify for enrollment in August. One recruit who didn't sign on Signing Day is Kyrhi Thornton from Panama City, FL. Florida State has kept a watchful eye on the talented defensive tackle as he's been trying to qualify. NoleDigest spoke to Thornton to see if he made the necessary test score, and to talk about the Noles.

Kyrhi Thornton is a talented defensive tackle from Bay Senior High in Panama City, FL. Heading into Signing Day 2008 Kyhri was still trying to decide what school he wanted to go to, as he was looking at South Florida and Florida State. The Seminoles were the choice for Kyrhi, as he had a verbal offer throughout the 2008 process. Thornton says that a written offer was dependent on him qualifying. He recently got his test scores back. It looks like FSU will be placing the athletic defensive tackle at Hargrave.

"I just missed qualifying," said Thornton. "I missed the ACT by a couple points. Coach Haggins told me that they will be sending me to Hargrave so I can get qualified and enroll in January of 2009. I'm really close to Enrique Davis and he told me sometimes the coaches there (at Hargrave) don't let you play if you aren't going to be there long because they don't want to risk injury."

Kyrhi told NoleDigest that he and Coach Haggins had been in touch with each other more frequently since last November. After a great official visit to FSU Thornton knew where he wanted to go.

"I went on my official visit there and Coach Haggins told me I had an offer on the table. I had been really talking to Coach Haggins a lot since November. He was coming to see me at games and was calling me about watching me on film. The deal was if my grades were there before August I'd be able to come in then. If not, I was heading to Hargrave. Coach has a good relationship with the people at Hargrave so I think it'll be a good thing for me. I want to be able to go there and become more disciplined academically and mentally."

Thornton says he grew up a fan of the Hurricanes, but his relationship with a current Seminole player, as well as the surrounding environment around the school, made Florida State the top choice.

"I was a Miami fan at first, but Bert Reed made me feel like the environment with other schools like FAMU was something to be apart of. My relationship with Coach Haggins is good and it's a close one. I also have a close relationship with Bob LaCavita also. He was talking me when he was at Florida, and he's been in contact with me since he made the move over to FSU. With the depth chart there I feel like when I get there I can come in and play right away."

Now that Kyrhi is heading to prep school he has turned all of his attention on getting the necessary score in order to enroll in January 2009. He says he is not far off, and with hard work he should be able to get it done in one semester.

"I got an 18 on the ACT but I needed a 20 to qualify. At Hargrave I can either focus on taking the ACT to get the score, or I can take a class there that I got a D in here at my school. If I take the class at Hargrave and get an A or B I can sit on the 18. I think I will probably do both to make sure I get the score I need."

Thornton is an athletic defensive tackle who also excelled as a running back at his high school. Had his grade situation been better he most likely would have had more suitors coming after him. Once FSU came into the picture they firmly planted themselves as the team to beat. With the graduation, the NFL, lack of depth and the academic scandal hitting the defensive tackle position hard it would have been nice to get Thornton in now, but now he's going to have to wait until spring to officially become a Seminole. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Kyhri as we track his progress at Hargrave.

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