Coach's Corner: James Coley

Coach Coley talks about the difference between the NFL and College level from a coaching perspective. Coach also discusses what he looks for in evaluating a quarterback prospect in high school.

Coach, what is the difference between the NFL and College level from a coaching perspective in your opinion?

In College, your job is to teach these young football players how to become pros in their trade. You are teaching them how to watch film. You are teaching them how to find a weakness in opponents. When you are in the pros, you are no longer teaching them. You are working for them. You are answering questions all day. I worked with some talented players such as Chris Chambers and Marty Booker at the next level. The veterans and the real good ones are always looking for ways to get better. That's professionalism because they know how to watch film, and they go to the facility like it's an office.

You see the veterans that are good at what they do. You see the rookies coming in and you notice it's an adjustment period.

This is very important in recruiting. You have to look at what school is going to teach you how to become a professional. If you look at that New York Times article, we are the number 1 team. We do teach guys how to be pros. Coach Fisher does a great job with that. But to get back to your question it's professionalism. One tries to get it and the other already has it.

Coach, what do you look for when evaluating a Quarterback in high school?

I want to see if he has good hands. I learned this from Jimbo and talked to Jason Garrett about this as well. If they have good hands they are usually pretty accurate. There are four things that you look for. Is he quick in processing information, is he decisive once he makes his decision on where he's going with the ball, accuracy, and can he get the ball to the wide receiver where the receiver can make plays after he catches it. Can he put the ball where the receiver can catch the ball in stride?

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