FSU going hard after 4-star CB McGee

Brandon McGee is Scout.com's number one corner in Florida for 2009. The coveted recruit has started taking unofficial visits to some of the schools he is considering in hopes of narrowing down his choices come the end of summer. NoleDigest caught up with Brandon to talk recruiting and to see if the Noles are still a school he is considering at this time.

Brandon McGee is the top athlete in south Florida for 2009. The talented recruit is the starting quarterback on his high school team, but he'll play corner in college as most experts feel like he has excellent potential at that position. As McGee's recruiting process heads into the summer, he has started to visit some of the 30-odd schools that have offered. He told NoleDigest that as of now much hasn't changed in his recruitment other than the visits have started.

"Things are pretty much the same for me right now," said McGee. "I've started visiting some schools so I can get my list trimmed down by the end of the summer. I went and saw Tennessee and North Carolina recently. Those visits were good. Each had something that interested me and I came away impressed. For instance, I liked the environments each school had and I liked the coaches I met. They made me feel very comfortable. It was very intriguing hearing that Butch Davis had like 27 guys go in the first round when he was at Miami."

Brandon said that with these visits he is looking to get a better feel of the schools and to see what the players do during the off-season. Next up for McGee are visits to Miami and Ole Miss.

"Miami and Ole Miss are the visits that I know are coming up next. Even though I have been to Miami 3 times, I am going again because this will be the first time my dad will be going there. I've seen it a lot but I just want to go in again and check it out."

Florida State is the school that McGee favored as a child, as he liked to watch Florida State games with his father. The Seminoles are very high on Brandon, and they've been working hard to stay in contact with him.

"What I liked the most was that FSU brought four coaches down to see me during the spring. No one else showed that much interest. I definitely have stayed in touch with Coach Fisher and Coach Amato. They want me to come up for a visit and check it out. I've been there several times and I have friends and family that have gone to school so I know what the environment is like there. Right now there are no definite plans to go but I think I am going up there in mid July for a visit."

A school that Brandon has showed a lot of interest in has been Ohio State. The Buckeyes have done an excellent job recruiting this year, landing top players all over the nation. Brandon has been paying attention to what they've been doing, especially at the cornerback position.

"Ohio State has always stood out to me. I know they've gotten 4 corners already for this class. It plays a part in my decision but on the next level competition is everywhere. I tell people all the time a school can bring 1,000 corners in and it won't matter to me because I will be there to battle and compete."

The 6' 187 pound athlete wants to trim his list by the end of summer. He says he isn't ready to name particular schools, but does say certain programs are beginning to stick out in his mind.

"By the end of the summer I want to get my list trimmed down. I don't want to say which schools are sticking out but there are different things I like about some of the schools I am looking at. Right now I don't want to cast any leaders and I am trying to keep it on the down-low. Hopefully I make my decision before the season starts or maybe during the season."

Brandon is one of the top targets for FSU regardless of position. Right now they are in the thick of things with him and it looks like they will play a role before it's all said and done. McGee said he just got his ACT score back, scoring an 18. With his 3.0 GPA he says that makes him fully qualified. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Brandon's recruitment, as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting targets.

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