Prior most comfortable with FSU

Some of the top linemen in the nation have been committing to colleges over the past month, with some of them being targets for FSU. The Seminoles are looking to bring in another solid class after the haul in 2008. One guy the coaches are recruiting is John Prior from Portsmouth, OH. NoleDigest spoke to John to get his thoughts on his recruitment and to see where the Noles stand at this time.

John Prior is one of the best linemen in Ohio for the 2009 recruiting class. While the 6'6" 280 pound standout hasn't been talked about early, he is an offensive line prospect to keep an eye on. Several big-time programs are watching and looking for his performance in camp. With great physical tools he's sure to see his stock rise even more. Right now he says he's at 14 offers and that the list is growing every day.

"Recruiting has been going well for me," said Prior. "Everyday it is a surprise to go to the mailbox and see bundles of mail from colleges across the nation. I am happy with it and overwhelmed at the same time. I didn't think I'd be in this situation. I have 14 offers from schools like Florida State, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Illinois, N.C. State and a host of MAC schools. I've been hearing from Ohio State, Michigan, Purdue and Notre Dame. They're all saying that it's possible I will be getting offered after competing in their camps."

Prior stated to NoleDigest that he grew up a fan of the Buckeyes, but he isn't sure if or when an offer is going to come. He already has attended their camp where he came away as one of the best linemen there.

"Ohio State is the in-state program. If they offered me I wouldn't jump right on it because I want to check out a few other schools and take visits. I already went to their camp so I am just waiting to hear back from them. It went really well and I was awarded as one of the top linemen there. Even if Ohio State didn't offer I have a lot of great choices to choose from."

Other than Ohio State Prior has his eye on another top BCS program in Florida State. The Seminoles are the school John is looking at the most, and they stand in good position at this time because of the relationship he has built up with offensive line coach Rick Trickett.

"My top school is Florida State. They are the one school I am considering the most right now because of the coaches they have and the research I have done on them. I feel real comfortable around Coach Trickett and that is important because I will be spending most of my time with my position coach. He tells me when we talk about the opportunities there if I were to come and that he needs a player like me."

Coach Trickett and the coaching staff have put a lot of focus on Prior because he fits the mold they look for in their linemen. They're trying to get Prior down for a visit, aiming for their prestigious Showtime camp.

"I'm not coming there for camp because we are going on vacation down in Miami. We are making a special trip over to Tallahassee to check out the city and the school. While I am there I am looking to develop a good relationship with the rest of the coaches and take it all in. I want to see the campus and meet all the coaches personally."

A great visit tot Florida State will go a long way with Prior, but don't look for him to commit after it. He says he wants to be able to end his process early, as well as take all 5 of his official visits.

"I want to make my commitment as soon as possible, but I plan on making my official visits too. I know I can't start taking them until school starts, so look for me to take my visits the first 5 weeks of school. I want to knock them out early and end the process so I can enjoy my senior year."

John says that distance is not going to be a factor for him and that he's already chosen the major he hopes to pursue. That, along with a strong football team, will be the biggest factors that go into his decision.

"Distance isn't going to be a factor for me. I am an independent person and my parents are cool with wherever I go. This entire decision is up to me. I will be looking for academics; I want to major in Criminal justice so that is a top priority. Another is that I want to play for a strong football team that can win while I am there."

Florida State is sitting in the catbird's seat at this time when it comes to Prior's recruitment. They've done a great job recruiting him and stand a good chance to land him down the line. If Ohio State enters the picture things could get dicey, but the job Coach Trickett is doing is going to weigh heavily on John as he makes his college choice. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with John and the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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