Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

Lonnie Pryor's summer is about to get much busier. In this week's diary entry he talks about some visits coming up and about some of the relationships he is beginning to develop. Also, he addresses the talk about a commitment possibly coming down the line.

Entry No. 17

I've been chilling, hanging out and going to football practice. I'm really working at getting bigger and stronger. When I am not doing, that I am working my summer job as a camp counselor. That's going well. I like it because we pretty much do daily field trips where we watch the kids and make sure they're doing what they're supposed to. I opened up my own bank account and now have my own debit card so that's cool. I've been putting a lot of money into my truck trying to give it more horsepower so some of that money isn't seeing the bank.

I've got a busy month coming up in July. My coach, some of our players and I are going to see some D2 schools for my teammates so they can get some looks. After that I am going to Seminole Showtime and after that we're heading to LSU, Auburn and Georgia. At this time I don't think I will be going to see Clemson. The exact dates of all of these I am not sure but I will make sure I keep you guys informed.

The only coach I spoke to this week was Coach Coley from Florida State. We talked about how big it is for me to go there and that if I go there other recruits would want to follow me. I could be the guy that helps the team; I would like to be that guy kind of like E.J. Manuel was. I've called him and I'm trying to build a relationship with him. When I talked to him at the spring game he was telling me how something special is going on at FSU and that he'd like me to be apart of it. Right now I am chilling and I want to see some other things. After that I will go from there. I have been talking to some 209 kids, more recently Dustin Hopkins. We text each other back and forth. He was asking me my plans and asking if I was going to Showtime. Hopefully we can talk more there.

That's pretty much it. This month is going to be busy and I will have a lot more to talk about. I'm not going to be doing any camps, just visits. I'm tired from these 7-on-7's and stuff and just want to take it easy before I head into my senior year.

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