DT Porter will take a visit to Florida State

Curtis Porter is a very intriguing prospect for the 2009 class. Over a month ago he was a recruit who was flying under the radar with little to no interest. Now that his film is making the rounds colleges are beginning to come after the 6'2" 330 pound defensive tackle. NoleDigest spoke to Curtis to talk recruiting and to see if he plans on making a visit to Florida State later this month.

Curtis Porter is a prospect that has been working hard to get his name out there on the recruiting front in order to gain scholarship offers from colleges across the nation. Porter has started as a freshman on the offensive line at West Charlotte in Charlotte, NC, but he decided to make the move over Victory Christian for his senior season. The chance to play defensive tackle was prominent in his decision.

"I just transferred over to Victory Christian because I feel like it's the best move for me and my future. I feel I'll get a better chance to play defensive tackle and that's important because that's what I want to play in college. Overall the move is going to pay off in the end."

Porter told NoleDigest that he's at 7 offers right now and that the list of schools interested in him is growing by the day. The offers he has are impressive, and from the sound of things it should only get better for the dominant lineman.

"I have 7 offers right now from Florida, Florida State, Miami, Clemson, Michigan, Colorado and East Carolina. Schools like North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Maryland and Illinois are talking to me a lot about offering."

"I've been visiting some of these schools, too. I've been to Florida, North Carolina, Wake Forest and Duke. I'm heading to Virginia Tech on Monday then I'm heading down with my mentor to visit Miami, Florida and Florida State."

Florida has established themselves as the leader for Porter as he says that is the best visit he's had so far. There were rumors going around that a commitment was imminent, but Porter says that isn't the case.

"With Florida they're my number one right now because I haven't looked at some of the other schools I am interested in yet. I had a good time there meeting the academic staff and the coaches. I'd say right now I have the best relationship with them (the coaches at UF), but I'm not rushing into any decision. I plan on weighing the pros and cons and do my homework. I want to check out some more schools, so a commitment isn't coming right now."

Florida State is one of the schools that Porter has interest in. He plans on making his visit for the Showtime camp, saying the interest in Noles is growing as he learns more about them.

"With FSU I like the coaches there. From what I heard the players are cool and it's a nice area to be in. I know it's a good school and has good academics; I'm looking forward to learning more when I get down there. I've been talking to Coach Haggins about their needs and all. He tells me they can use me and that they have depth issues. That's a big plus. Once I visit I'll know more about them."

For the most part Curtis' mentor has been handling his recruitment. He doesn't plan on taking the process far into his senior season, but he wants to make sure he's sure about the decision so he doesn't have to make a de-commitment before Signing Day.

"My mentor is handling my recruitment right now, but I am waiting until all of these visits this summer before any more decisions are made. What I know is from what my mentor tells me about his communications with the coaches. I don't want to make a late decision but at the same time I'm not rushing it. I don't want to be one of those guys who de-commits down the road so I am going to take as much time as I need."

Right now Florida is a solid leader for Porter, but he is very open to the recruiting process. He'll be coming off his Friday Night Lights visit when he comes to Tallahassee, so the coaches are going to have to show the talented prospect a good time if they hope to stay in contention for Porter throughout his recruitment. The interest is there, thus a good visit will go a long way. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates on Porter, as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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