Coach's Corner: James Coley

Coach Coley talks about what he looks for in a running back, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive line prospect in high school.

What do you look for in a running back prospect?

You want to see a guy that can be a physical back. A player that can drop his weight and make people miss in space. A guy that can catch the ball out of the backfield. I like to see guys that score. What I mean by that is that they make plays.

What do you look for in a tight end prospect?

Tight ends have to be one of the smartest guys on the field. They have to understand the passing game, running game, and protections. They have to wear different hats. Sometimes we might ask them to make a double move on a safety with finesse and agility. On the next play they might have to block a defensive end. They have to kick that guy's ass. We look at a guy that's tough, athletic, and who is a threat. The tight ends that we go after or recruit are playmakers. Everything I talked about here is what they will be looking at on the next level.

What about a wide receiver prospect?

We love big, physical receivers outside. That can manhandle corners. We like the slot receivers that are shifty, and athletic. They can motion into the backfield, you can motion them, or isolate them one on one. A lot of those things Coach Dawsey & Coach Fisher look for.

What do you look for in an offensive lineman prospect?

To play for a guy like Coach Trickett, who has coached a number of All-Americans. He's the best in the country. He makes it simple on what he wants. He wants smart, tough, athletic lineman. And that's exactly what they want on the next level. We want to see guys finish their opponents, finish the blocks. Does he throw guys out of bounds? Does he play with an attitude? It's impressive how he (Coach Trickett) gets his guys to play that way.

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