Garvin talks track, football, and his future

Michael Ray Garvin has had a busy month. From competing in the NCAAs to the Olympic Trails, Garvin has been competing against the best athletes in the nation. With track over, the question is if Michael is going to turn his attention back to football as there've been rumors that he's done with football. NoleDigest spoke to Michael to get his thoughts on his track season and football future.

In 2005 Michael Ray Garvin was a National 100 recruit as well as one of the top track athletes in the nation. Garvin has been a starter on the football team for the past 2 seasons, as well as finding crazy success on the track as being a contributor to Florida State's 3-time National Championship track team. Last week Garvin failed in his attempt to make the 2008 USA Olympic team, but he's looking at it as a platform and learning experience for 2012.

"The whole month as a whole has been a good experience," said Garvin. "At the NCAAs I didn't get to compete like I wanted because my hamstring was bothering me some. I didn't get the results I wanted in the 100 and 200, but I did get a chance to place on the 4x100 team which made me a 6-time All-American. That's something I am proud of."

"The Olympic trails were a learning experience for me. It's a tough team to make. Coming in I wanted to both make the team and use it to get ready for 2012. I didn't make it, but I am blessed to have been able to be apart of it. I know what to expect now so I will be ready when the next trials come around."

With the success Garvin has found on the track some have thought that maybe he would move away from football to focus full-time on the sport. Garvin addressed those rumors, saying he'll be suited up when the 2008 season starts against Western Carolina.

"I'm definitely playing football next year. Right now I am just taking this week to relax and rest from the track season. I'm tired but I am getting ready for the football season. With this being my last year at FSU I am trying to be the best I can be for God and just let the rest take car of itself."

The coaches at FSU let Garvin miss spring to focus solely on track and his attempt to make the Olympic team. Spring is a vital part to preparing for the up-coming season, yet Garvin feels that his experience and time at FSU will help him make up for lost time.

"I missed spring but I am going to be working really hard the rest of the summer. I've been here a good while now so I know the defense and what Coach Andrews is trying to do. I've been watching a lot of film to keep the mental part of the game up. When I get back next week I plan on focusing on improving my back pedal and footwork."

Michael is hoping to make the most of his final season at FSU as he hopes to have a season good enough to prepare him for the NFL. He's already made some surprising decisions that'll help him make it to the next level.

"This season I am planning contributing to the team as best as I can. I set school records on the return team last year so that is a good feeling and a good accomplishment. After the season I am going to turn all of my attention to the draft. I already let Coach Braman know I wasn't running track next spring. He was a little upset but I came here to FSU on a football scholarship so that's what I want to work on now. I haven't heard from any NFL people about my potential, but I will worry about that when the time comes. Right now all my attention is on FSU and the college football season in the fall."

While Garvin hasn't been around the practices much this spring he has still seen a camaraderie and cohesiveness from the team that hasn't been seen at FSU in some time.

"I'm excited for this season and I am ready. I see a lot of the guys coming together and see that we're starting to really work as a team. We've all been training hard, getting our minds right for the season. The start is going to be tough at first because of the suspensions and the fact we'll be depending on younger guys. I feel that as a senior and leader of the team we'll be okay. This freshmen class has a lot of potential and I think they'll be nervous early but ready. As a leader I've got to help them and support them and that's what I plan on doing."

Michael is going to be a guy the coaches depend on this year, especially with some players having to sit out early. This season is the last chance for Garvin to have success on the field at FSU, and he intends to make the most of it. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the progress of the football team as they head into rest of their summer workout schedule.

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