Charles loves FSU visit

Orson Charles is FSU's top tight end target for 2009. He's been to Florida State on a few different occasions, but over the past few days he's been able to take his first in-depth visit. NoleDigest caught up with Orson after his visit to get his thoughts on the program and to talk about where it puts the Seminoles at this time.

Orson Charles is's 4th rated tight end in the 2009 recruiting class and he is number 1 on Florida State's board at his position. He is quickly becoming one of the most heavily recruited tight ends in the nation as he's approaching 30 offers. Over the past month he's been taking unofficial visits to some of the schools that have offered. His most recent trip was to FSU, where he spent Thursday night and most of Friday. He spoke to NoleDigest about the visit, giving it high remarks.

"I loved it and I really enjoyed myself," said Charles. "Getting a chance to hang out with Coach Coley, Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey was great. I wanted to stay longer but I got to see a lot of stuff that helped them out."

Charles has been to Florida State twice before this visit but says he really didn't get a chance to soak in what the school had to offer. He was able to watch the team lift, participate in 7-on-7 and take a tour with Jimbo Fisher.

"I got a chance to watch the team lift and run. It was impressive to watch them keep it up and keep going. That team is coming up so people need to watch out for Florida State. They all have the same thoughts about getting back. Watching the 7-on-7 was really cool and I enjoyed that. They were moving around well and making plays."

"I got a chance to tour the campus the first time with Coach Fisher. It was alright. He was talking to me about how he was trying to make changes with the dorms and about how he's bringing an indoor facility to the school. I also talked to him about some things I was wondering about like to cheating scandal, the offense and the recruiting class. He cleared a lot of things up for me about the scandal so that was cool. He has a lot of changes he wants to make. It seems like everything is really coming together (at FSU)."

Charles' lead recruiter is new tight ends coach James Coley. Orson says the two have built a great relationship and that he really likes the newest addition to the Seminole coaching staff.

"Coach Coley is what really stood out about this visit compared to the others. We talked with Coach Fisher about how they want to use me as an H-back type player. They want to spread me out and line me up as a wide receiver, use me in motion and get me into mismatches. Coach Coley was telling me that they really want me and that they needed me. This was the first time I got to meet the coaches for an extended period of time. I liked talking to Coach Fisher and Coach Coley…that's my man right there."

All in all, the visit paid off for both Florida State and Orson. They coaches placed themselves into the thick of things with the talented 4-star prospect, and Orson was able to get a clearer picture of what FSU can offer him.

"This was my first real visit and first chance to really check things out. I'm going to go home, write some notes and think about it, but FSU really helped themselves with this visit. My interest in them has been renewed and they're high on my list. At this time FSU looks pretty good right now."

"I plan on coming back up for the game when they unveil the new stadium look. They're doing something for that so I want to come check that out and see how the atmosphere is for that. I also plan on making an official during the season. I need to talk to my mom about that but I plan on lining up one with FSU for sure."

With his visit to FSU out of the way Charles has a busy month lined up. He's taking part in the big 7-on-7 tournament at USF this weekend, then he's heading out to Oregon for a national 7-on-7 tournament. After that he's going to the Elite 11 with Aaron Murray where he'll check out USC and UCLA. After that he plans on coming home and beginning the process of looking at trimming his list down. With the visit over the past few days FSU has made themselves a favorite that will be in it throughout Charles' recruitment.

Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Orson as well as the rest of the 2009 recruiting class.

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