FSU Summer Workout Gallery IV

Here are some more shots of summer workouts included are Antone Smith (pictured), some more FIRST LOOK shots of freshmen and some more exclusive shots of former 'Nole Chris Davis. Much, much more to follow.

Joe Surratt

Seddrick Holloway

Marcus Sims

Christian Ponder and Drew Weatherford


D'Vontrey Richardson

E.J. Manuel

Weatherford and Richardson

Antone Smith

Louis Givens

Rod Owens

Corey Surrency

Greg Carr

Richard Goodman

Chris Davis



Jarmon Fortson

Caz Piurowski

Ja'Baris Little

Strength and conditioning coach Todd Stroud

Jacob Stanley

FIRST LOOK: Blake Snider

Will Furlong

FIRST LOOK: Rhonne Sanderson

Zebrie Sanders

A.J. Ganguzza

Brandon Davis

FIRST LOOK: Andrew Datko

Garrett Faircloth

Paul Griffin

Kevin McNeil

Rodney Gallon

Aaron Gresham

Kendall Smith

Vincent Williams

Mister Alexander

Ochuko Jenije

Roosevelt Lawson

Patrick Robinson

Derek Nicholson and Drew Weatherford

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