FSU and then everybody else

Today was the first day of the annual Bobby Bowden Camp. Standouts from all over the nation come to Florida State to participate in the camp to gain exposure and work with one of the best staffs in the nation. One of today's top performers is 2010 running back Eduardo Clements. NoleDigest spoke to him to get his thoughts on the camp and to see where the Seminoles stand with him at this time.

Eduardo Clements in one of the top players in Florida regardless of class. The 2010 running back from Booker T. Washington in Miami, FL had a standout sophomore season where he rushed for over 1,000 yards and 20 touchdowns. He made the trip up to Tallahassee to participate in the Bobby Bowden Camp with some of his teammates, and said so far he's enjoying himself.

"The coaches have been showing me love," said Clements. "I've been working with the running backs most of the time, but after some of the drills I went over and worked with the receivers. The route running is different but I really like doing that (running routes). After lunch we're doing more 1-on-1 stuff so I am looking forward to that. I came here for exposure and to just see the school and the community."

"Coach Carter is really cool. I like his coaching style. He's going to get after you but he'll support you at the same time."

Even though Clements plays for one of Miami's top high school teams, the standout running back says he favors the Seminoles at this time. Growing up he cheered for the Seminoles and has built a great relationship with coaching staff.

"I've liked FSU since I was young. Growing up my dad liked Miami and I remember watching the rivalry with them (FSU). I really like the facilities and the community here. My brother lives like 5 minutes from the campus so I've been here before. The fact that he lives so close plays a big role, so does my dad. He wants me to go wherever I want to go. I'm not going to commit right away but I'd say FSU has a huge lead over schools like West Virginia, Maryland, Clemson and USF. When my process starts FSU is going to be the first school I really check out. I'm going to take 5 official visits. I want to keep my mind clear but FSU is going to be at the top the whole time. Unless something seriously wrong happens I will be coming to FSU."

"Coach Coley has been in contact with me since I was in 9th grade. We have a really good relationship and we talk on the regular. The relationship I have with him is going to play a role. Last night I met up with him. He showed me some different plays like the stretch plays and all that. I also got a chance to meet Coach Fisher. He came up to me and introduced himself to me."

While the talented running back has a long way to go before he starts getting recruited, he's planning on helping Booker T. Washington get back to the state championship, as well as improving his overall game.

"Right now I am working on helping my team getting back to states. That's important to me. I've never been a fan of stats as I'm a fan of winning. I'm also trying to work on my speed, vision and power. I'm 5'11" and 180 pounds, but I'd like to get to 200 before I graduate. I feel that teams have to play us differently because I can come out of the backfield and catch the ball so well. I feel that versatility makes me one of the best players for 2010."

Clements is an exciting player, and it looks as though FSU has an insurmountable lead to land his signature when the 2010 kids sign their letters of intent. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Eduardo's progress over the next year and into his senior campaign.

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