Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

Lonnie Pryor has been very busy over the past few weeks visiting schools. From Georgia and Clemson to Auburn, Pryor has been checking out some of the schools that have been recruiting him so far. In his latest diary entry Pryor talks about the visits and says he now has his list trimmed to a final 4.

Entry No. 18

I've been really busy lately with these visits. I've gone to Clemson, Georgia and Auburn to check them out. We've also gone to some other lower schools, but that's been for some of my teammates. From these visits I have now developed a final 4 schools. These are the 4 that I will be looking at and the list will not be changing. I'll list them in order and talk about why they've made my final list.

Florida State- What more can I say about FSU. They've always been my favorite. I always feel at home when I go there. I know all of the coaches very well and they know me well. Even people in the community know who I am. It's cool, and it's always been my dream to play there.

LSU- LSU is one of the prettiest places I have ever seen. When I went there I fell in love with the place. I am cool with the coaches there, especially the running backs coach Coach Porter. I can see him coaching me when I am there. They're the defending champs and their facilities are 5-star.

Clemson- Clemson is out in the middle of nowhere, and that reminds me of Okeechobee. There's stuff to do there but it's also small. I felt like I was back home because of the town. I liked the stadium and the facilities are really nice. They're adding some new stuff so it's going to be nicer.

Georgia- I talked to Coach Lilly. I've known him since he was at FSU, and from all of the coaches I have encountered he is my best friend of the bunch. I didn't get to talk to him long but I liked the visit. The stadium is real nice too.

I know of 3 of the officials I am going to take. I plan on coming to the FSU game when they play Florida, LSU when they play Georgia, Clemson when they play Georgia Tech and the Georgia visit…I am not sure. I chose the 3 games because they're big time games and the atmosphere is going to be great.

Schools like Auburn and Florida would good visits and all but I just can't see myself playing at those schools. Coach Gran at Auburn was really cool and he's put guys into the league, but I just couldn't see it. With Florida I just didn't feel it. I've been there a few times but I just wasn't feeling it and knew I wasn't going to play there.

Nothing else is really going. I've been talking to Coach Fisher, Coach Coley and Coach Carter at FSU about the Showtime camp. I let them know I was coming and Coach Carter was happy about that. After that my coach and I are heading to Baton Rouge for a couple days to attend their camp.

It's back to work tomorrow (Tuesday). I also got a new system for my truck, so I hope that I can get that put in on Wednesday.

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