NoleDigest NCAA FSU Player Ratings

NCAA Football 2009 was released today. In this year's version there's been some talk that Florida State's team is rated higher than some feel they should've been. NoleDigest decided to look at the rosters and rate the 2-deep roster for this year.

EA Sports' NCAA Football series is the preeminent college football game around. With today's release millions of college football fans will divulge into dynasty runs and recruiting battles. Some fans of the game where shocked to see Florida State's team rated as highly as it is. As our article with Ben Haumiller suggests, the team's ratings were developed because of a few standout players within the units on each side of the ball. Below NoleDigest gave their ratings for the team, based off the projected two-deep heading into fall camp.


Drew Weatherford: 84
Christian Ponder: 83

Antone Smith: 90
Tavares Pressley: 88

Wide Receiver:
Greg Carr: 93
Preston Parker: 96

Tight End:
Caz Piurowski: 80
Bo Reliford: 84

Rodney Hudson: 95
Antwane Greenlee: 84

Will Furlong: 85
Andrew Datko: 83

Ryan McMahon: 90
Brandon Davis: 76

Other Notable Rankings:
Corey Surrency: 92
E.J. Manuel: 85
Zebrie Sanders: 82
David Spurlock: 81
D'Vontrey Richardson: 83
Bert Reed: 87
Taiwan Easterling: 85
Marcus Sims: 86
Seddrick Holloway: 82


Defensive Tackle:
Justin Mincey: 91
Emmanuel Dunbar: 84

Nose Guard:
Budd Thacker: 87
Kendrick Stewart: 78

Defensive End:
Everette Brown: 96
Kevin McNeil: 84
Markus White: 87
Neefy Moffett: 83

Middle Linebacker:
Derek Nicholson: 93
Ricardo Wright: 78

Strong side Linebacker:
Dekoda Watson: 89
Nigel Bradham: 85

Weak side Linebacker:
Toddrick Verdell: 89
Kendall Smith: 85
Nigel Carr: 84

Patrick Robinson: 93
Tony Carter: 92
Michael Ray Garvin: 86
Terrance Parks: 83
Korey Mangum: 79

Myron Rolle: 97
Darius McClure: 86

Free Safety:
Darius McClure: 88
Jamie Robinson: 87

Other notable ratings:
Paul Griffin: 90
Moses McCray: 81
Kenny Ingram: 80
Dionte Allen: 80
Jamar Jackson: 80
Everett Dawkins: 79
Ochuko Jenije: 74
Vince Williams: 73

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