Camping with the Stars Top 11

Seminole Showtime was a rousing success for Florida State as they hosted well over 100 kids for the Camping with the Stars. After watching the festivities and talking to people who took part in the camp, NoleDigest breaks down the players to provide the top 11 performers. Pictured is 5-star CB Dre Kirkpatrick.

Florida State hosted well over 100 prospects this weekend for the 2nd Annual Seminole Showtime. Players from different parts of the nation came to participate in the camp as FSU had some of the best players in the nation participating. NoleDigest was there watching the camp and came away very impressed with numerous players. We chose to highlight who we felt were the best 11 of the day, listing them in order of how we feel they did overall throughout the drills, one-on-one's and 7-on-7's.

Dre Kirkpatrick: Dre is's 3rd rated cornerback in the nation, and he showed why he's ranked so high at the camp. NoleDigest was blown away with his ability to defend with his 6'3" (close to it) frame. His athleticism is there and he demonstrated great speed and quickness as he was in the back pocket of his guy the whole night. He covered a lot of ground and read the receiver's routes very well. Very fluid in his back pedals overall, and showed the ability to turn and run with his guy. Excellent camp for Dre, and an excellent visit for the 5-star cornerback.

JaJuan Harley: Harley is very close to being NoleDigest top player at the camp. Earlier in the day he wasn't sure if he was participating, but once the juices started flowing he went out there and physically dominated the guys he went against. Harley has great size at 6'1" and 197 pounds, and he used that to his advantage as he covered a lot of ground (as a safety). He challenged every player he went against. The guys he didn't throw to side or jam at the line, he was able to blanket and cover rather easily. His backpedal has gotten better as his foot is finally healed. It looks like the rust is wearing off of Harley as he comes back from all that missed time.

Lonnie Pryor: Florida State's top running back prospect showed why he is one of the best in the state for 2009. Pryor did well in the drills, planting and exploding out of his cuts. One thing that stood out was how good Lonnie moved laterally for a guy who's over 6 feet and 195 pounds. In the one-on-one and 7-on-7's Pryor was able to get open most of the night, and when he got the ball he showed good hands and the ability to move up field. The running back spot wasn't loaded, but Lonnie showed that he's a guy who physically can compete at the next level.

Bryan Stork: Dominated with the linemen as he worked at the center position. Stork has big hands and feet and he is still growing into his frame. Consistent performer and the best overall of the bunch. Trickett raved about him after the camp.

Rodney Smith: Dre Kirkpatrick told NoleDigest that he was a tough competitor and that they went at it all night. The coaches felt he did very well, as he used his size advantage to make plays. Smith isn't the fastest guy, but the crisp routes and sheer size makes it hard for even guys like Kirkpatrick to battle.

Chris Dunkley (2010): NoleDigest had hear d about him and seen his highlight reel on You Tube, but seeing this guy in person one can see why he is so special. He was one of the younger guys there, but he more than held his own, getting separation from his guy and making the catch when the ball was around him. At 5'10" and 170 pounds he told NoleDigest that he's still growing and that he came here to put himself on the map. Dunkley has done well all camp season, with the FSU camp being no different. He is a sure-fire top 10 player in Florida next year.

Willie Haulstead: In the recurring theme of FSU commitments doing well, Willie showed why he's one of the best in the state. What shocked us most was that Willie has a great pair of feet for a guy his size. He runs great routes, got separation and was able to make the proper adjustment to catch the ball. With a less than stellar group of signal callers, Haulstead did a lot of adjusting to the ball. While fast guys like Kirkpatrick and Harley can hang with him because of their speed, Haulstead is smart and knows how to use his tools to make things happen.

Rontavious Wooten: Wooten is more of a shifty wide-out who'd excel in the slot. He showed a lot of quicks in his routes for a guy who isn't primarily a receiver yet, and he showed good ball skills. He was beating kids on the quick routes and short underneath stuff because he's so shifty. This is a guy Nole fans need to keep an eye on.

Curtis Porter: Porter is shorter than we expected, but he holds his 330 pounds well. He is thick in the chest and very strong. He moves well for a guy his size as he's shown playing guard at his school. NoleDigest doesn't think many recruits are as strong as Porter, as we feel his game is based off of leverage and power. Good looking prospect that looks like he'll be a Gator down the line.

Trey Burton (2010): The lone standout at quarterback, the 6'3" 205 pounder looked like he's going to be the best in the state next year. Burton has a great frame at this stage, as there isn't a lot of fat on him. Venice High runs a spread attack, using Burton's speed and running ability to their advantage. While he didn't run much at the camp, he showed the ability to make all the throws, showing good velocity on out-routes and touch on the deep patterns. He isn't on the radar yet, but look for FSU to push hard for him next fall. Jimbo Fisher already has him earmarked as a top target.

James Green:The USF commitment did a great job today at the camp. Physically he is already one of the biggest guys in the state, but he showed that he can use his size and route-running ability to cover his lack of straight line speed. With guys like Jheraine Boyd at the camp, Green showed that he's just as good as those rated a head of him. He battled hard and went into traffic to make the difficult catch. He showed more quickness out of his breaks which allowed him to get separation most of the camp. Great showing for the Leon prospect.

Guys who just missed the list: Demonte McAllister (very tough choice between him and Green.)
Henry Orelus (propelled himself up FSU's offensive line targets.)
C.J. Mizell (beast.)
Karlos Williams (2011) (going to be special in my opinion.)
Darious Cummings (2010 FSU commitment) (did very well. Impressive.)
Kendall Kelly (a lot bigger than I thought at 6'3" and 225 pounds).
Jheraine Boyd (stellar athlete, but the signal callers struggled to get him the ball.)

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