Top Rising Junior takes in FSU & Showtime

Chris Dunkley was one of the top 2010 recruits in attendance at Florida State's Showtime camp this past weekend. Dunkley did very well at the camp, showing that his reputation as one of next year's top players was well deserved. NoleDigest spoke to Dunkley after the camp to get his thoughts on the camp and talk about the early stages of his recruitment.

Chris Dunkley has already been pegged as one of the top players in the 2010 recruiting class. This summer he's been making the rounds visiting college camps. He was named as one of the top overall performers at West Virginia's camp earlier in the summer, and this past Friday he excelled at Florida's Friday Night Lights camp. On Saturday he was at Florida State's Seminole Showtime, where he kept up his run of stellar camp performances this summer. Besides participating in the camp itself, Dunkley was able to really check out FSU for the first time.

"The time at the camp was great and I liked it a lot," said Dunkley. "I got to meet the coaching staff and I got to see the facilities. I've been there before but this was the first time I got to see stuff. I got there at 11 to sign in then went and saw the training room, the weightroom, and the turf room."

Chris was excited that he got to work with former Seminole standouts Anquan Boldin and Peter Warrick. He told NoleDigest that he learned a lot from them and that it helped him excel during the camp.

"I was talking a lot with Anquan Boldin because he's from my area," explained Chris. "He was helping me learn how to get off the jam and stuff like that. I think that helped me and I feel I did very well at the camp. There were some good guys there like the number 1 corner (Kirkpatrick) and the guy who's going to FSU named JaJuan Harley. They were both jamming everyone at the line of scrimmage. I was able to get off and even got the corner on a post. I made a cut and was like 'where did he go'."

Many of the same recruits in attendance at Showtime were in Gainesville the previous day to participate in Florida's camp. Chris says both camps had their strong points.

"Friday Nigh Lights was good and I did really well there," stated Dunkley. "The camp at Florida had more of a higher tempo, but the FSU camp was more teaching. The coaches at FSU took more time out of the drills to work with you. Learning and getting evaluated stood out to me more of the two."

While Chris is more than a year away from starting his recruiting process he says Florida State is a school that will be in it for him throughout. Before the camp started the coaches extended him an official offer, and that will help the Seminoles in the long run according to Dunkley.

"Florida State offered me before the camp and that is going to help them out," said Dunkley. "The schools that offer me early. I am going to take that into consideration because they are showing me that I can be a playmaker for them and that they really like me. I came to the camp at FSU to get the offer, but they had my highlight film already so they already liked me. Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey told me that coming to the camp was enough for them to offer me. FSU is a team that will be in my top 3 for sure. This visit really helped them a lot. I like Florida, Georgia and West Virginia also. I guess you could say that those are my top 4 at this time."

There are several schools still that will make a push for Dunkley, but he named USC and South Carolina as two schools he's also interested in early. Listening to him talk about USC, one has to wonder if they'll become the favorite when or if they offer.

"I've also been getting into contact with USC and South Carolina," said Dunkley. "John Morton at USC and Robert Gillespie at South Carolina are the guys who I talk to from there. USC is a school that I really like. They are the most consistent program right now. They always have the good quarterbacks and they throw the ball a lot. If they offer me I'd have to say they'd move to the top of my list."

Chris is a guy many people will be keeping their eyes on. He is already one of the top players regardless of class in south Florida this year. Florida State is a school that he likes at this time. The coaches at FSU think highly of Dunkley, so look for them to go all out for him when they can start making contact with 2010 recruits in September. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Chris as we track his junior season.

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