Pryor: I just don't see myself anywhere else

The big fish is in for Florida State at the running back spot as Lonnie Pryor went public this afternoon with his commitment to Florida State. After wanting to go through the process and take officials, Lonnie shocked some people when he committed to the Seminoles. NoleDigest spoke to Pryor about his commitment and why he decided to go ahead and end the process now.

Florida State has long been the leader for Lonnie Pryor. The 4-star running back was the coaches' top target at running back for 2009 after his standout junior season where he had 1,724 yards and 20 touchdowns on the season. Pryor had named FSU his solid leader but was still planning on taking visits to schools like LSU, Clemson and Georgia throughout the season. After attending Seminole Showtime and then going to LSU for a visit, Pryor says he knew what he needed to do.

"I just don't see myself anywhere else," explained Pryor. "After the great time at Showtime we went to LSU. That visit was good but after I sat by myself and was just thinking that I can't see myself doing anything else. I told my dad I was going to FSU and he said "son, I knew it all along". You just get this feeling with Florida State every time I went there I felt like I was part of the team. At LSU I didn't. I knew I wanted to do it so we stopped back in Tallahassee on the way back home. On Tuesday the coaches were in a meeting when I told them I was committed to them. We all started shaking hands and celebrating. Bobby Bowden gave me a big hug and said congratulations. At first I wanted it to be a silent but I just decided to end the whole thing."

Florida State's coaches had been recruiting Pryor hard throughout the early part of 2008 hoping he'd be a guy who can be a leader for the 2009 class. As a long-time fan of FSU and one of the top skill players in the nation Lonnie's commitment serves notice that FSU is on the way back. Being a "cowbell" for this class is something that Pryor is excited to be apart of.

"I wanted to also end it because I want to be a guy who can recruit for them (FSU)," said Pryor. "I want to shout some specific guys in Brandon McGee, Orson Charles, Nick Alajajian, Andre Debose and Zeke Motta. Those are the guys I want to call first. Coach Fisher and Coach Coley were really happy about it because they think me going public is a big factor. They think people will follow me which is cool. I've never thought that I'd be that guy but if I am that's cool and I will do what I can to help out."

Lonnie told NoleDigest that his commitment is 100% solid and that he isn't planning on taking any more visits. He said he'll make trips up to FSU, and that he'll take his official when the Noles play Florida.

"I'm not taking anymore visits to anywhere else other than FSU," said Lonnie. "I've seen the places that I needed to see. Places like Baton Rouge were great but again I just don't see myself going any place else. I'll be traveling up to FSU for as many games as I can and I'll still be taking my only official when they play Florida in November."

Lonnie's commitment for the most part ties up the running back position for this class. The Seminoles are in it for a few other guys who may still decide on FSU, but those guys are now a luxury. With his recruiting process over Pryor just wants to focus on his senior season and start getting ready to bring FSU back.

"I don't know if FSU is done taking anymore backs," said Pryor, "but I am going to come in there and compete, do my job and do what I know I can do. I feel so relieved that I have this off my back. People wont be asking me anymore questions about when will I be deciding and all that. Now I can focus on my senior year. When I get to FSU I plan on being one of the guys that helps get it turned around and helps get us back to where it used to be."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Lonnie's senior season, as well as more of our exclusive diary entries with Pryor as he completes his last year of high school.

Pryor is now officially a Seminole

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