Smith: I'm coming to play

July 26, 2008 may go down as one of the best days at Florida State over the past decade. Rodney Smith's commitment drew a close to a day that saw 3 of the top players in south Florida commit to FSU. NoleDigest spoke to Smith to talk about his recruitment and why he decided to make his decision now.

Jimbo Fisher has been as high on Rodney Smith as any other target for Florida State's 2009 recruiting class. Last week the 11th ranked wide receiver made two trips to FSU, one during the Bowden Camp and the other to Seminole Showtime. He told NoleDigest that the experiences during those two visits paid off for FSU as he thought about making his decision then.

"I'm committed to FSU," stated Smith. "It feels really good to get this thing off of my chest. I wanted to put it out there and let people know that I am a Seminole. Taking those 2 visits last week played a big role in this decision because I had such a great time and enjoyed the coaches and the atmosphere. I love it there."

Rodney was scheduled to make a visit to Tennessee last weekend, but after plans fell through he decided to make the trip to Tallahassee for the Showtime Camp. After talking to Smith one can see the opportunity to work with Seminole legends Peter Warrick and Anquan Boldin played a role in his commitment.

"Man, working Peter and Anquan was nice," expressed Smith. "I liked that a lot. Just being around them and being coached by them was amazing. They were talking to me about FSU and what it did for them. They showed me a lot of stuff that I was able to take home for my game. Just being around them made me feel like I was part of the family. After that I wanted to commit then. I wanted to go home and talk it over with my family before I made the decision. We are all happy with it."

Coach Fisher made Smith a major priority for this recruiting class as he let him know during a spring visit that he wasn't going to let Rodney go anywhere else but FSU. Fisher efforts, combined with the job recruiting coordinator James Coley has been doing, made the decision even easier for Rodney.

"Coach Coley was at Coach Fisher's house when I called to let him know I was making the decision," said Smith about when he called to commit. "They both were giving props to each other and just happy that I made the decision. Those two did a good job of recruiting me. They were honest the whole time and have showed genuine interest in me. They feel I am a guy who can come in early and contribute and that's what I plan on doing,"

With the run of commitments the Seminoles have had the spots for this class are filling at a rapid pace. Smith told NoleDigest that his commitment is firm, yet he plans on taking some visits during the fall. When asked if he was saving a spot, Smith said he was just ready to pledge to the Noles.

"My commitment is firm and its 100%," said Smith. "I'm going to visit a few schools like Tennessee, Auburn, USF and Boston College. I'm coming to FSU when they play Florida. I plan on recruiting for Florida State. I'm going to tell these other players they need to go ahead and join us or they're going to have to deal with us. They might as well go ahead and commit. I'm taking the visits, but I think it's going to be hard to beat the Seminoles. It's where I've wanted to be for some time."

Smith is one of the most physically impressive wide receivers you'll see this year. He fits the mold that colleges and pros are looking for in their wide-outs, and that's one reason some have him pegged as a guy who'll contribute as soon as he steps on a college campus. The opportunity at FSU to do that was very appealing to Smith.

"At FSU I have a chance to be a playmaker," explained Smith. "The coaches feel like I am a guy who can play early as long as I work hard. They said I need to be ready to come in and play. That's my goal. I want to make big plays for FSU and make my presence felt. I want to be a guy who helps us win that championship."

Rodney was very excited about making his decision today. He is excited about his decision and can't wait to realize his dream. Before he hung up the phone he had one more thing to say to the fans.

"Tell the fans to be ready," said Smith. "Rodney is coming to play."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Rodney's senior season, as well as the rest of the 2009 commitments to Florida State.

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