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During the off-season several current & former Seminole players spent time at numerous facilities to prepare for their upcoming season. One guy the players worked with is Pete Bommarito, who is the Director of Performance & Fellowship Training at Perfect Competition. NoleDigest spoke to Pete to talk to him about what he does with the players & to get his thoughts on the Seminoles he worked with.

Pete Bommarito is regarded as one of the top coaches in the industry for his innovative, scientifically based approach to sport specific training. He has brought his nationally-recognized expertise to the team of Perfect Competition, where he is directly responsible for overseeing coaches, developing protocols and implementing all programming for the performance enhancement department. He is also the Director of our first of its kind fellowship-training program for performance coaches. In addition, he has implemented an advisory board for performance and nutrition that provides the scientific basis from some of the most recognized and accomplished sources in the world. He told NoleDigest that his approach is different, but that it gets results.

"We believe in a disciplined approach," said Bommarito. "He focuses on the player's speed, the specific position they play and help them with their flexibility. We have therapists here that help the guys get the alignment of their body correct. That is where some guys have a lot of problems….they may have a slight lean here or there that doesn't allow them to fully utilize their potential. We also help these guys with full nutritional training, and we even offer a gate specialist where we help them fix how they walk. We offer everything, and we feel that while it's different, it's the best training these guys can get from anyone. We are a full service company that helps these athletes with everything they may need with their pro careers."

Pete began his career as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning Specialist from Ball State University. He was responsible for implementing and directing the performance and nutrition programs for the majority of the Division 1-A sports at the University. Also, he completed an internship with the Indianapolis Colts in 1999 under the tutelage of Jon Torine, who is one of the most recognized, and successful Strength and Conditioning Coaches in the NFL. Early on he was recognized as a guy players would want to work with, and a former Seminole started working with him early in Pete's career. Since then Bommarito has enjoyed working with some of the best Seminoles players over the past decade.

Polley was one of the first FSU players that Pete has worked with

"One of the first guys I worked with early in my career was Tommy Polley," said Pete of the first Seminole player he worked with. "This was when he was getting ready for the combine. From then the list of former Noles I worked with grew to Talman Gardner, Darnell Dockett, Pat Watkins, Lawrence Timmons and Alonzo Jackson. I definitely have a huge, huge following. I've even worked with guys like Samari Rolle and Anquan Boldin. Samari came a long before I did but he's a guy who's an FSU alumni that provides a veterans perspective with the work I do."

The list of former Seminoles that Pete's worked with is long, and he says he really enjoys working with the players that come from Florida State. While the list is impressive, he says one guy is the best overall athlete he's ever worked with.

"I love working with FSU guys and I want to work with every single one of them," said Bommarito. "That school always puts out the best athletes. The best guy I've ever trained is hands down Anquan Boldin. He is the best athlete I have seen. He is a fast, lean guy. He's genetically gifted and is a freak. The strength that man has….he's a man amongst men. It excites a guy like me to work with these guys because I'll be able to get these guys bigger, faster and stronger."

Bommarito says that Boldin is the best athlete he has ever worked with

When it comes to current players Bommarito says Myron Rolle is a guy who he was extremely impressed with. He told NoleDigest that he is a guy NFL executives and coaches are going to be excited about when he makes the jump to the pros.

"Myron Rolle is a beast," explained Bommarito, "because he is a guy who is big, strong and fast. He has the body of a linebacker but moves like a corner. It wouldn't surprise me to see him play any position on defense. He is a very exciting kid. He came down here to do combine prep so he knows what to expect when it's his turn to go through the deal. We put him in the defensive backs drills and he fit in with the NFL vets we had there just fine. His 40 speed isn't there yet because of his start, so we'll work with him on getting that down. I'd definitely like to work with him on that."

Bommarito feels Rolle is a "beast"

"From a defensive back standpoint I was pleasantly surprised how he moved like a smaller defensive back," continued Pete. "He has great range, gets lows in his back pedals and gets out of his breaks well. I really think the NFL is going to drool all over him. Really it is amazing how quickly he gets out of his breaks. The few days I worked with him I saw the work ethic and the willingness from him to get better. The things we did with him were drills he's never done. They're high, extreme and intense and it's a challenge to these guys. Myron was a man about it and was a true professional in how he learned the drills. The mental standpoint is there for him. Once he started doing the drills you could see how he learned what the body was supposed to do."

Pete's experience with Seminole players leaves him wanting more. He told NoleDigest that if he had his druthers, he'd work with them all.

"If I could, I'd work with them all. I want them all. Tell them all to come on down. Every single one of them. Working with guys like Samari and Anquan, they've helped. They are very proud of their school and very proud of where they came from. They've tried to help them out with the training these guys need when their college careers are done. In my opinion they're some of the best I've worked with and getting the chance to work with them all would be great."

Samari Rolle is one of the many former FSU players and current NFL athlete that trains at Perfect Competition.

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