Brown Makes It Rain

During summer camp, redshirt junior defensive end Everette Brown could be seen – and heard – from very clearly. After last season in which he led the team in sacks, Brown is arguably one of the biggest leaders on the team. On Thursday evening after rain forced the Noles to practice indoors, Brown addressed the media about the new team motto, an indoor practice facility, freshmen & much more.

NoleDigest: "About the new team motto: Carpe Diem, how did you all come up with that?"

Everette Brown: "We were really just looking for something simple, but different. So Carpe Diem, it was a team effort, we all talked about it and met about it to decide on that. There was a lot of suggestions for our motto, but we decided on 'seize the day', Carpe Diem. Every day, whether it's practice, a day off, working out or game day, we're going to seize the day."

ND: "The team like it better than 'Bad To The Bone'?"

EB: "It's not as original as Bad To The Bone, (laughs) but it was something the team definitely wanted to do. So we feel like we got ownership of the motto, we're overall feeling pretty good about that."

ND: "Have you had to explain to anybody what it means yet?"

EB: "This is the first time actually. I'm pretty sure that sometime the fans or anyone who sees it is going to want to know if they don't know Latin. It literally means seize the day, but you could take it in many different ways. For us as a team though, it's just how we attack our everyday plan."

ND: "What about today's practice, you guys starting now to take donations for the indoor practice facility?"

EB: "That'd be great, especially today. With an indoor facility, you won't necessarily have to plan your days around the weather, you can always get your work done."

ND: "Is it frustrating having to go to the Civic Center?"

EB: "It's a little frustrating, not so much today because it was the first day because the coaches and players, we did such a great job of utilizing the basketball facility we are lucky enough to have. We were able to get a good workday in today. We were able to watch film over there and got a lot of technical and fundamental stuff done."

ND: "How did the freshmen and transfers take to the first day and being rained into the Civic Center?"

EB: "A lot of them were surprised when the coaches pulled up some film to watch of them. They didn't know how they got film so fast from today. Overall it was a good first day for everyone though, despite the circumstances. They got a lot of things swimming around in there heads right now. I think once we get a few days, a week into camp, those guys will be sharp. They're great football players."

ND: "How does this compare to your previous first days? Did the rain and indoor practice put any damper from your prior first days? Lack any luster?"

EB: "The main thing was that we wanted to get the first day going with all the new guys. There was a lot of hype and excitement on the team and we wanted to just get out there and get something accomplished. It was a good day overall, it gives us something to work with tomorrow and Saturday."

ND: "What did you focus on today at practice?"

EB: "We worked mainly on little things, the fundamentals. We also did some team things and got some looks at packages we will run. Then we got to go inside against the offense. That's when you could really feel the tension. A lot of these guys are ready, they're ready to compete and play."

ND: "Do you think there was as much energy indoors as there would have been outdoors today?"

EB: "Not quite as much. There was still a lot of excitement, but nothing like the natural outdoors. But we definitely got a lot out of today."

ND: "Can you talk a little bit about the summer in general?"

EB: "I tried to step up my leadership out there. I tried to be a little more vocal out there with the guys. I'm trying to take everything, including my leadership, to another level. I also got to improve many things that I thought I needed to improve mainly my upper body strength, and also to improve my conditioning."

ND: "There are already a number of guys committed for next years recruiting class, what are your thoughts on that?"
EB: "The coaches have done a really great job with that so far this year. To get these guys before they've even started their senior year is a big deal. You know that those are the guys that are going to come in and be hungry to play."

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