Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

Almost 2 weeks ago Lonnie Pryor decided to end his recruitment and commit to Florida State. Since then Pryor has been preparing for his senior season and trying to help his future team recruit players. In this week's diary entry Lonnie talks about how his recruitment has slowed down, and among other things how he tested out this week as he prepares for the season.

Entry No. 20

No one has been calling me really since I committed to FSU. It's been in the local paper and people here know about it now. People have been coming up to me congratulating me which has been cool. I've also had some Florida fans coming up to me asking my why FSU and why I did it.

Football starts Monday and I cannot wait. This week we did testing. I think I did pretty well. Here's the testing we did and how I did:

40 yard dash: 4.56
Squat: 405 pounds
Power clean: 225 pounds
Dead lift: 455 pounds
Bench: 225 pounds
Weight: 196 pounds

I am happy with everything except the bench press. I really need to focus on my upper body strength and better at that. I was happy I ran the 40 like I did. I think I am getting faster. We had a 7-on-7 after the testing and I could really tell a difference how much faster I had gotten over the summer.

I've been trying to recruit some guys to join us with out class. I think this class is going to be special and I think we're going to be part of the group that turns things around. I talked to Brandon McGee and I just said how we need him to join this class and help us get it turned around. I also met up with Zeke Motta at a photo shoot last weekend. I was talking to a guy from his area that is going to FSU as a walk-on ling snapper. We were talking about rooming together at FSU and I said, "Zeke, you gonna join us up at FSU." He just laughed and was like yeah. We had a good time at the shoot.

School starts the 18th so I am excited to start my senior year. I'm ready for football, man. We usually have our first game the first week of school but we didn't have our first game this year until week 2. Some of us were joking around how we don't even need to come to school that first week. I think we are all just excited to get things going.

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