Furr ready to make a decision

DeRon Furr was an All-State player at Carver High in Georgia in 2007, and he enrolled early at Auburn, going through off-season workouts and spring ball with the Tigers. This past week Furr decided to leave Auburn, and now is looking at several schools to transfer to. Word is Florida State is an option, so NoleDigest spoke to him to see where the Noles are with him at this time.

DeRon Furr enrolled early at Auburn with the hope that he'd be able to go through the Tigers' spring practice to earn the starting quarterback position in the fall. After going through the spring, the coaches decided to move the former two-way standout to safety, a position he played in high school. After a few practices Furr had a falling out with some teammates, thus deciding to make the move to leave the program for other opportunities. Over the past week several schools have been mentioned as possible destinations, including Florida State, so NoleDigest spoke to DeRon to clear up some of the gossip and to see what the next step is for the talented athlete. Furr says that he's ready to move on, and that he has several options to choose from at this time.

"I'm just ready to move on to move on from what happened at Auburn," said Furr. "Right now I am looking for some place that makes me happy and that is a right fit. I'm looking at Florida State, Memphis, Miami, UAB and a lot of schools right now. The problem is that most are at their max scholarship number so now I'm just waiting to see how things unfold."

DeRon told NoleDigest that the experience at Auburn wasn't all bad, as it helped him mature as an adult and as a college student. He says he appreciates the opportunity Auburn gave him, but it just didn't work out.

"I was doing okay there," said Furr about his time at Auburn. "I'm happy the coaches there gave me an opportunity and I learned a lot about things that I can take with me as I move on. I didn't know a lot of stuff before I went to college so enrolling early helped me grow a lot. I was immature before I went there. I learned a lot about priorities, juggling my schedule with school and football, and all of that. It didn't work there but I have things I can take away from them."

There've been strong rumors that Florida State was the favorite to land Furr. Some recruiting services let it be known that the Seminoles weren't a realistic choice, but Furr says that is not the case. He says that FSU is one of his top choices, if not the top. He said he's been in talks with a few coaches at FSU and that if things work out he could become a Nole soon.

"I like FSU and I want to go there," explained Furr. "They've been at their limit for some time but I was told a scholarship opened up this week. Coach Fisher and Coach Allen have been in contact with me, and they said if a scholarship comes open it's mine. I supposed to be talking with them soon about the one that just opened up. I know that they just couldn't take someone's scholarship and I respect that. FSU is looking at me as a safety, and that's what I want to stick with because that's what I've been doing and I'm getting comfortable with it."

"I like FSU because of the town and the number of schools around there," continued Furr. "My best friend Jarmon Fortson goes there and he's been telling me great things about it. We are very similar as people so if it fits him I think it would fit me, too."

During the recruiting process Furr didn't budge from his early commitment to Auburn, therefore he didn't take any visit to check out any of the other schools that offered him. DeRon says looking back he probably should have, so he's making sure he does it before he enrolls into another school. He says he just got back from a visit to Memphis and that a visit to FSU should come sometime this week.

"I didn't leave my options open like I maybe should have," stated Furr. "I should've taken some visits and really looked at what some other places had to offer. I just got back from Memphis. That is a school I like and it's probably where I'll end up if FSU doesn't work out. If something happens to both of those Miami is next in line. The visit to Memphis was good. I like their staff a lot. One of their coaches went to my high school and played at Ohio State, so there is something familiar there. I plan on making a visit to FSU sometime soon. I'm in the process of working that out. My parents work in Atlanta so they're tired, but we're going to get there sometime this week."

The visit to FSU is important to Furr because he plans on making up his final decision by the end of next week. According to the talented athlete he is fighting time now and wants to get things back on track.

"I am going to use the rest of this coming week to really think about where I want to go," said Furr, "and I want to make my decision by Friday. If everything is okay at FSU and they have that scholarship for me I am going to sign all of the papers. I need to get going because I have to sit out 365 days before I can play in a game. I want to get somewhere during camp so I can get going again and not miss any games next year. I'm looking forward to getting back into school and playing the sport that I love."

Right now it looks like FSU is the favorite to land Furr if Rodney Gallon's scholarship is available. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track this situation and for an update with DeRon after a probable visit this week.

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