Safety or Corner for Demps?

FSU has locked up the majority of its 2009 recruiting class before the start of the 2008 college season. One of the Seminoles early commitments was Gerald Demps from Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Ga. NoleDigest caught up with the talented safety prospect to see what he's been up to this summer and to see if any schools are giving him something to think about with regards to his recruitment.

A very complete ball-player, Gerald Demps was the 7th commitment for Florida State's 2009 recruiting class. He's part of a threesome of safety recruits that the Seminoles are bringing to shore up the depth issues they will have going into next season.'s Burke Hayes says Demps combines savvy and athletic ability and produces at a high level and that he is a step faster to the ball than most because of his uncanny ability to diagnose the play. He also says that Gerald rarely takes poor angles and understands everyone else's fit on defense. Demps is not a big hitter but is much more valuable in that he does not miss, and he has the feet and balance of a corner, making him more than adequate in coverage.

Gerald was busy this summer preparing for his senior season, saying that he attended a few camps and team practices. Demps is expecting a big season and he feels he has put the work in this summer to see that come to frustration.

"This summer has been pretty good," said Demps. "I've been working and practicing with my team and doing my own thing to prepare for the season. We had our team camp and we went to an FCA camp. We worked a lot on our passing game and it helped me develop more as a player. The FCA camp thought me how to really work harder and depend on my teammates more."

"This year I am playing both ways," continued Demps. "I'm playing running back and safety. Running back is okay and I will do anything to help my team, but I really like defense more because I get to do the hitting instead of getting hit (laughs). I'm excited and ready to go."

Gerald isn't a kid of many words, but he did tell NoleDigest that his recruitment and commitment hasn't changed since he made his decision in April. He says that he plans on staying firm with his commitment with FSU and that he'll visit the Noles as much as he can this fall.

"I'm staying firm to FSU and I'm 100% committed," said Demps about his commitment. "Schools haven't been contacting me really but if they were they'd be wasting their time. I talk to Coach Carter through email and he just checks on me to make sure I'm doing okay. I'm planning on visiting as much as I can this year but it depends on how my schedule is with football this fall."

There's been a lot of talk with the Seminole fan-base on what position Demps will be playing at FSU. Some people think he'll stay at safety while others feel that he'll make to move to corner for the Noles. According to Demps, staying at his natural position is what he'd prefer.

"I want to play wherever I help the team most and where the coaches want me at," said Demps. "Whatever gets me on the field quicker is best for me. I think I could play corner because I can cover well and run with my guy, but I've been playing safety longer and I am more comfortable there so I'd like to stay there when I get to FSU. There are depth issues there and I think I can get on the field faster there. I'm not going to get my hopes up about it but if I come in and work hard I think I can help early."

Over the summer Gerald has been working hard to get in shape. He says all there's left to do now is go through his last year of high school.

"I've gotten bigger this summer and I've put on healthy weight," explained Demps. "I'm 5'11" 200 pounds now. I wanted to get my body right and I think I did. Now I just want to have a good year and win that state championship."

Demps is a quiet and polite kid who likes to let his actions do the talking. He grew up a huge Seminole fan and is excited about the future and what it holds for him as a player in the future. He says as the year progresses he'll help get guys come to FSU, and that he doesn't intend to even reconsider his decision. Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Demps' senior season, as well as the rest of the prospects for the 2009 recruiting class.

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