Rodney Hudson: Never Back Down

Sophomore offensive lineman Rodney Hudson will anchor a very young inexperienced offensive line. Hudson talks about making the move from tackle to guard, playing for Coach Trickett, and the toughest players to go up against on Florida State's defensive line.

Starting this spring, Florida State was supposed to have a rather experienced offensive line. After a few injuries and academic issues, the offensive line will feature only two players returning with playing, yet alone starting experience. A reformed defensive tackle and a guard that switched to tackle and is now back in his original guard position are those two players. Ryan McMahon and Rodney Hudson are the two redshirt sophomores that will have to anchor a very young offensive line.

During Florida State's annual media day, Rodney Hudson was able to answer a few questions for the media. NoleDigest sat down with Hudson and talked with him about Coach Trickett, the switch from tackle to guard, the 'tiff' that broke out at practice last week and more.

NoleDigest: What's it like being the elder guy on an inexperienced offensive line?

Rodney Hudson: "It's exciting, it's a challenge. I always enjoy a challenge, matter of fact I look for new challenges. It's been enjoyable so far."

ND: With the freshmen, how have you stepped up your leadership role?

RH: "Ryan McMahon and I always try to tell those young guys what to do. We try to tell them things that Coach Trickett doesn't tell them, things that you need experience to know. We try to tell them how to react to some things and how to respond to others; also what to do to get better in Coaches schemes."

ND: On Coach Trickett, how has it been working with him this season?

RH: "It's been tough, as usual, he's always going to be a tough coach. Him being a tough coach helps us out for the games a lot, though. For him to be so tough in practice, we have to practice real hard. When it comes time for the game, the game is much easier."

ND: About that little "tiff" at practice last week, what are your thoughts on that?

RH: "I definitely look coaches way during it. He is such a tough guy that I'm sure he wouldn't want any of us to back down. He always tells us not to let anyone get the better of you or push you around."

ND: Who are the toughest players to go against? End and Tackle?

RH: "Everette Brown is definitely the hardest end and hardest on the entire line. At tackle we have two really, really good ones. Budd (Thacker) and Paul (Griffin) are very good at what they do. They're going to be tough to block for everyone they face this year. Coach Haggins does a really good job with all those guys on the defensive line."

ND: On moving from tackle to guard, how has that been and what do you like playing better?

RH: "It's been alright switching back, I'm happier here at guard. I'd definitely rather play guard. Playing tackle means you have to be more finesse and you can't lunge and hit people or get after them. At guard, that's all you do is hit people. I love to hit everybody so guard is a better fit for sure."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest with more insight from the fall camp, media day and much, much more.

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