Coordinator Q&A: Jimbo Fisher

After looking over the film from this past Saturday's scrimmage, Jimbo Fisher had a better look of what went on inside Doak Campbell. He spoke with the media shortly after practice to address the issues concerning the offense.

You gave all three quarterbacks equal time with the first string offense during Saturdays scrimmage. Talk about that a little.

JF: You got to put them all in there and find out. That's the only way to get a true gauge on the field.

What did you see from the decision making from the quarterbacks during the scrimmage?

JF: There were a couple that weren't good, but you didn't really see them because they weren't turnovers but would have been touchdown throws where we read the wrong side. For the most part, most of the decisions were pretty good, but the ones we missed could have really been big plays. Overall, it wasn't bad.

What was your overall view of the quarterbacks?

JF: I liked their attitudes on everything. There was no pouting or sulking, even when things got really bad. That was very encouraging. There's going to be times in games where things don't go very well and we had those moments in the scrimmage but they didn't sulk. They kept fighting and made some more plays. That was encouraging.

Talk specifically about D'Vontrey and how he played.

JF: He did some things. He made some plays and then he missed some plays. We gotta keep him in there (with the first team). No doubt. We have to make sure he's in there just as much as everyone else. He brings something to the table and he's a hard worker.

Any chance D'Vontrey moves to another position?

JF: Nope. He's a quarterback. He's earned the right to be there. The guy is a quarterback. No doubt. He knows what's going on. He could play other positions but he doesn't need to. He's a quarterback.

Is D'Vontrey a type of guy that even if he doesn't win the job outright, you kind of have to get him on the field just because he is so athletic?

JF: I think so. He just can make so many plays with the ball. He can beat you in a lot of ways. If he keeps developing and getting consistent, we'll keep adding more and more.

What have you seen from the offensive line?

JF: A little bit of everything. The young guys are taking steps and doing some things right. You can see the youth at times but they're where you would expect. At times, they're a little further than we expect and they do some good things too. They're a solid group. They play hard and not too many busted assignments. Those guys are really working hard.

Will it be too late to get Tavares Pressley in here?

JF: No. It's never too late. He's going to be just like any other freshman. We'll just have to get him in here and get started so he's ready to go by game 3 or 2, or even game 1.

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