Robinson settling in at safety

When spring practice started back in April, Jamie Robinson had just made the move from cornerback to safety. Robinson now has an entire spring of practice at his new position, as well as a few weeks of fall camp under his belt and he is finally starting to settle in as the units last line of defense.

It may come as a surprise to most that there are other position battles yet to be determined besides deciding who will start at quarterback for Florida State. One of the more heated battles going on during fall camp is at the free safety position. The starting nod will either go to fifth-year senior Darius McClure or redshirt junior Jamie Robinson.

So far, both players have had equal reps working with the first team and the battle will likely go deep into fall camp.

It would seem that McClure has the upper hand in the competition but Jamie Robinson is beginning to become ease into his new position.

"It's been going pretty good so far," Robinson said. "I'm getting more comfortable back there at safety."

Robinson admits that he struggled at first with the switch but feels that having a spring of experience is really helping him in fall camp.

"The transition is starting to smooth out," said the South Carolina native said. "It was kind of shaky during spring practice. But this time, when fall camp started up, I felt like I belong here (at safety)."

When Coach Andrews came to Jamie before spring practice started, Robinson said he was more than open to the idea of making the switch from cornerback to safety. Robinson feels he has all the tools to make the switch and feels safety fits him better than corner; not to mention, Robinson says he's been having a lot more fun at his new position.

"I think playing safety allows me to use more of my natural ability. It's more fun than playing corner. There are more responsibilities and I'm more involved in the defense now."

As to who is in the lead, Robinson says that Coach Andrews is keeping the candidates in the dark, but remains confident in his chances at winning the job.

"He (Andrews) hasn't said anything about it. He just keeps rotating us back and forth right now. I'm pretty confident in my ability and myself. Darius is a great player and he's been playing here a lot longer. It's a good competition and right now it's really bringing out the best in both of us."

Weather permitting; the next real chance for Robinson to win the job will take place this Saturday when Florida State holds their second scrimmage of fall camp. Robinson knows that whoever can show they are best in game situations, will win the role.

"Coach Andrews told us that the scrimmages are what will tell us who's going to end up winning the top spot on the depth chart so that's where I really have to show out."

Right now, Robinson and McClure are in as close to a dead heat as possible. NoleDigest will continue to track this position battle as well as all others going on with the Florida State football team leading up to opening weekend against Western Carolina.

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