Meet the Seminoles: WR's

The wide receiver position at Florida State is full of playmakers. With the addition of a couple new receivers and a nice core of returning veterans this group plans to step their game up to another level. This position group has a nice blend of size and speed. Meet the Seminole receivers that will be giving defensive backs all they can handle on Saturdays.

Wide Receivers

Name: Greg Carr
Nickname: Slim
Number: 18

Why he chose FSU: Greg Carr chose the Seminoles over Georgia, Miami, Wake Forest, and Alabama. Carr loved the tradition at Florida State and wanted to go to a school where the "fit" was right.

Scouting Report: Carr has the ability to become one of the top receivers in the country. His 6'5-6'6 frame allows him to have a tremendous size advantage over all of the defensive backs that he goes against. "Slim" has adjusted well to Coach Fisher & Coach Dawsey's coaching styles and expectations. Carr can break Florida State's All-Time TD receiving record this year with 9 TD's.

Name: Corey Surrency
Nickname: Smurf
Number: 1

Why he chose FSU: Coach Fisher did a great job of building a relationship with Corey. Surrency knew that he could play right away at Florida State. The Miami native chose FSU over the National Champion LSU Tigers.

Scouting Report: Surrency will be one of Florida State's biggest deep threats this season. Surrency has good speed to run by defenders but he uses his great size (6'4-6'4 ½) to shield defenders and attack the football in the air. Smurf also has amazing body control. He's extremely physical and he loves contact.

Name: Preston Parker
Nickname: P Park
Number: 5

Why he chose FSU: Parker was excited about the opportunity to play at FSU. Preston had family close by and he was very familiar with Florida State. Parker chose the Seminoles over the Hurricanes.

Scouting Report: Preston Parker is one of the top playmakers in the ACC. He has very good speed, runs good routes, and he has doesn't drop many balls. It will be interesting to see if Parker continues to return kicks this upcoming season. Parker will be making a ton of plays for FSU in the slot.

Name: Bert Reed
Nickname: B-Reezy
Number: 83

Why he chose FSU: Reed chose Florida State over their biggest rival the Florida Gators. Reed liked the coaches and players at FSU. Bert also liked the opportunity to be a game breaker at FSU on offense.

Scouting Report: Teams that play FSU this season will see how tough Reed is to handle in the slot. He's one of the most dangerous players on the team in the open field. Bert worked this summer to become a complete receiver.

Name: Richard Goodman
Nickname: Rich Good
Number: 9

Why he chose FSU: Goodman liked the college atmosphere at Florida State and he thought it was a really cool place to live. Goodman selected FSU over North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Auburn, and Mississippi State.

Scouting Report: Goodman has been nagged by a knee injury this summer and pre-season camp. Rich might take a medical-hardship this season and return to play in 2009. He's an explosive player that hasn't been himself. When Goodman is healthy he can be a good receiver for the Seminoles.

Name: Rod Owens
Nickname: Old School
Number: 86

Why he chose FSU: Owens though that FSU was the place for him. He felt comfortable with fellow Jacksonville natives Leon Washington and Tony Carter. Old School selected the Noles over Maryland.

Scouting Report: Old School has had a couple injuries that he had to deal with throughout his career at FSU. One of the fastest players on FSU, Owens has the ability to take a hitch to the house. Rod Owens will surprise people this season.

Name: Jarmon Fortson
Nickname: J-Man
Number: 80

Why he chose FSU: Fortson surprised many when he chose the Seminoles over the Auburn Tigers. Jarmon pointed to his comfort level with the coaches at FSU.

Scouting Report: J-Man is a big body receiver who will be a contributor this season. Fortson will surprise defensive backs with his speed and his will to fight for the football. He believes any ball in the air is really is his ball. He's another physical receiver that Coach Fisher and Coach Dawsey love to recruit.

Name: Taiwan Easterling
Nickname: TY
Number: 82

Why he chose FSU: Easterling was committed to Southern Mississippi and ended up signing with the Seminoles. Easterling was a surprise signee to everyone following FSU's recruiting class. Easterling chose FSU because of Coach Fisher and Coach Trickett as well as the baseball program.

Scouting Report: Easterling showed what he is capable of when he made an amazing catch during the Garnet and Gold Game. Taiwan will play in the slot for FSU this year. He's not the biggest or the fastest receiver but he can definitely be another threat or weapon for FSU this season.

Name: Avis Commack
Nickname: None
Number: 14

Why he chose FSU: Commack thought that Florida State was a really good school. He also had two high school teammates that made early commitments to the Seminoles. Commack selected the Noles over Miami, South Carolina, Minnesota, and Georgia Tech.

Scouting Report: Avis is a tall and lanky receiver (6'4). He's made his fair share of plays during his first pre-season with the Seminoles. It's yet to be determined if Commack will be redshirted or not but it will not be because he's not talented enough. Commack will have a very good career at FSU.

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