Meet the Seminoles: Safeties

Heading into the season NoleDigest will look at the different players playing on the football team for 2008. In this installment of Meet the Seminoles: Position Group Profiles we look at the safeties on the roster as we introduce them to Seminole fans. Also we look at what we can expect from them in 2008.

Florida State looks to rebound from back to back 7-6 seasons this year as they continue the upward swing under the new coaching staff. A key position for the Seminoles this year on the defensive side of the ball is at safety. NoleDigest introduces the players who we'll see play in 2008, talking about why they came to FSU and a scouting report on what we'll see from them this year.


Name: Darius McClure
Nickname: D-Mac
Number: 24

Why he chose Florida State: When McClure came to FSU on his visit he was a commitment to the home school Auburn Tigers. He committees to Auburn early, but the desire to check out his childhood favorite proved to be too strong to ignore. Darius liked the atmosphere, the coaches, and unity the team had, and on Signing Day he made the switch official as he signed with FSU.

Scouting Report: Darius has played his first three years as the primary back-up at both safety positions. Entering his senior year McClure is slated as the starter at free safety, but he's had to face stiff competition from Jamie Robinson. McClure is a sure tackler who is an upgrade over the past few years, but he is still unproven as a whole in pass coverage. Nonetheless, McClure had a good spring and looks to be a major contributor this fall.

Name: Myron Rolle
Nickname: 3 or 3-stacks
Number: 3

Why he chose Florida State: Myron shocked a lot of fans when he chose the Seminoles over schools like Oklahoma, Penn State, Florida and a host of other schools. At the time FSU was implementing a new, cutting edge medical program that featured some of the best technology a student could work with. That, combined with the depth chart and relationship then coach John Lilly had built up made Myron choose FSU in the end.

Scouting Report: This is Myron's money year as many expect him to leave for the NFL after this season. Myron and his play have been a hot topic of discussion among fans, but flatly he's been the most consistent safety the past 2 years. There's been talk about getting Myron more involved in the defense, using his top-tier playmaking ability to the team's advantage. In the spring some schemes were installed, so we will see if the coaches go through with it. Look for Myron to have an All-American type season as he's been working extremely, extremely hard this off-season.

Name: Jamie Robinson
Nickname: Jay-Mo
Number: 20

Why he chose Florida State: Virginia Tech and Florida State battled till Signing Day for Jamie. In the end the comfort with the coaches and the school as a whole separated the Noles from the bunch.

Scouting Report: Jamie made the switch to free safety in the spring. Robinson's size and skill set is more of a fit at this position, so look for him to standout as he gets the system down. Jamie has pushed McClure for the starting spot and it's still up in the air as who'll start. Either way Jamie is going to see a lot of time, and it's possible he may earn the starting spot sometime during the season. Jamie could be the best free safety FSU has had since Pat Watkins.

Name: Roosevelt Lawson
Nickname: Row
Number: 23

Why he chose Florida State: Lawson wanted to play for FSU, but the only chance he had was as a walk-on.

Scouting Report: Lawson is a former walk-on who will need to step up due to the lack of depth at the safety position. Nick Moody is expected to redshirt, so Lawson will be the primary back-up to Rolle at rover. Lawson has been in the system for some time, so he knows what's expected. Frankly it comes down to the simple fact if he can produce. He's been a special team's player, but now he'll be leaned on to play major minutes this fall.

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