Tight end troubles

Heading into fall camp, it looked like the tight end position was young, but very talented. Now it is questionable if Florida State will have even one available scholarship player at the position when they kick off the season next Saturday.

Both Bo Reliford and Ja'Baris little have come in to camp and begun to impress. Then on Monday and Tuesday when they were no where to be found, questions began to fly concerning them and if they will actually get to play for Florida State this season.

As of right now, Coach Coley doesn't have much of a class to teach, but is still working hard to make sure his unit will be ready with, or without the two freshmen.

"Right now I'm working with Josh Dobbie and I'm still working with Caz Piurowski. That's all I have for now but that should change soon."

"We're letting Ja'Baris Little and Bo Reliford take care of some situations off of the field before they can come back," Florida State's tight end coach said. "It's just some paperwork involved with the NCAA clearinghouse."

As Florida State and all of their fans know, the clearinghouse is never in a rush to get any athlete cleared. They are known to take their time with their investigations and this should be a cause for concern with Coach Coley, but he remains confident he will get Reliford and Little back.

"We really think they are going to get cleared, Coley said. "I'm as confident as I can be right now. I'm an optimist so I expect them back."

As for the idea that the coaches at Florida State are looking to move over some players to fill the role, it doesn't look like that will be happening any time soon.

"No, we won't be looking to move anybody over to the position. We have what we need and still expect to get those two (Little and Reliford) back," Coley said.

If things do not get cleared up within the next nine days, walk-on Josh Dobbie will be the only tight end Florida State has heading into their opener with Western Carolina. Dobbie does have playing experience both at Army where he played wide receiver and now here at Florida State as a tight end. Coley remains confident in the walk-on if he does end up being his only option.

"He's doing a great job, Coley said of Dobbie. "He needs to continue to work hard and we'll be okay.

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