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FSU coach Bobby Bowden was peppered by the media Tuesday following practice. Of course, the focus again centered on dismissed quarterback Adrian McPherson, whose family and lawyer held a news conference in St. Petersburg Tuesday afternoon. For selected comments from that event, click to The Territory's premium message board.

Could this situation involve gambling. Is that part of it?

"I don't know of any."

Is part of it that he lied to you about something?

"I am not going to tell you. I will tell you after things have been settled.

Did the administration also play a role in this decision?

"We all had something to do with it."

Did you have to be convinced that this was the right thing to do?


Do you forsee any circumstances where he would play at Florida State again?

"I think after the thing is settled down I will re-evaluate. This year is out."

Did you meet with investigators today?


How long did that last?

"I don't time things like that."

What was their main concern?

"Try to find out what's happened."

Did you expect most of the questions?

"Yes. General stuff."

You have said that you won't let this be a distraction. Was that kind of tough as you prepare for a game as big as Florida?

"It does take away time."

Were you the only member of your staff to be questioned?

"I think some (others) were."

Did they come here or did you have to go see them?

"They came to see us."

Will they be coming back?

"I don't know if they are coming back or not. I doubt it."

Have you talked to Adrian at all?

"Not since yesterday."

Did you get the impression they were satisfied with what you were able to tell them?

"Well, I couldn't tell them. ... I don't believe I could tell them anything they didn't know if they talked ot everybody regarding it."

Have there been any preliminary calls from the NCAA?

"No. I don't think there is. Didn't call me."

At McPherson's press conference, the attorney claimed McPherson thought he would be suspended only. Then, all of a sudden, he was off the team.

"He was suspended indefinitely and off the team for the remainder of the season."

Are there any other players on this team possibly be implicated of anything else?

"I don't know of any."

Did his punishment change at some point from Sunday to that meeting on Monday?

"It might have, I don't know."

You are the one who decided on the punishment?

"I was in on it."

Coach, can you say whether you had any knowledge of this last week or prior to game?

"I won't comment on that until I can explan myself."

Did the investigators ask you about any other players on the team?

"I don't think so."

Did you have everybody at practice today?

"I think everybody was here."

Can you talk about in general what your relationship with Adrian has been like?

"Player to coach, that's all. No different than anybody else."

You have had to deal with these incidents in the past. Is this one any tougher?

"They are all tough. They are all tough. Anytime a kid gets in any kind of trouble they are all tough. Then you have to remember that every boy is different and every case is nearly different. You can't treat them all exactly the same because they are of different degrees. They all, you despise for them occur."

In your mind, is this bigger than a stolen and forged check?

"I wouldn't say that. I have no comment on that."

You have always said you believe in second chances. Was their an opportunity for him to have a second chance?

"I believe in second chances when I can give them. Definitely."

Has Adrian had any other run-ins, or any other problems that you or any other member of staff has had to deal with?

"Not with football."

Outside of football?

"Not that I know of."

If Adrian was going to be suspended initially but then was ultimately dismissed from the team, what changed that status?

"It was pretty much that one sentence all the way, once it was decided. It wasn't like one time we decided we would suspend him and the next time we decided to let him go to the end of the season. It was all decided at one time."

So, right now is he dismissed or suspended indefinitely?

"Suspended indefinitely and he's not a member of the team this season."

What about his scholarship?

"That's good unless something comes up and a felony is involved. If a felony is involved I am not sure what the university would do."

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