Western Carolina D'Coordinator talks FSU

Western Carolina opened their season with a shut out victory. They have a huge challenge this Saturday when they take on the Florida State Seminoles. Defensive Coordinator and Assistant Head Coach Matt Pawlowski speaks about Florida State and the challenge they will bring on Saturday.

Opening Statement about FSU

We have a new staff here at Western Carolina. Had a shutout against a pretty good football team. Very proud of the effort. FSU, they are a whole different can of worms. They have NFL caliber football players on both sides of the ball. We told our guys that this is a journey. Right now we are looking toward the Seminoles. It's not about FSU, it's about us. We have a lot of work ahead of us. We are working to improve fundamentally.

On FSU's personnel based on suspensions

Number one this is the opener for Florida State. We are trying to find out who's playing and who's not. I know on offense they are playing a lot of young guys especially up front. They still have a boatload of skill guys. Right now it's like preparing for an unknown quantity. Defensively, our offensive coaches know they have a lot of guys returning. A lot of speed. They play attack style football with a press man coverage.

On what FSU brings to the table

Big play ability. They have guys that can take it to the house. When you look at FSU they play all four downs hard. That's where we are trying to get to. We have to try to keep the ball in front of us.

On injuries

Nothing is final as far as anybody being out. Nobody is 100% out. Our offensive coaches feel good about rotating guys.

On the potential storm/bad weather affecting travel plans

We talked about that with the Athletic Director today. We were set to leave Thursday afternoon but there is a possibility now of leaving early Thursday & waiting in Georgia. Right now we are waiting and seeing.

Good luck Coach

You know we'll need that!

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