From walk-on to First Team

A few weeks ago, Benjamin Lampkin was a walk-on for the Florida State University football team. Since then, the senior from Panama City has earned a scholarship, been named a team captain and is now starting at defensive end. He can't help but feel great about all of his hard work finally paying off.

Florida State released their weekly depth chart this week and there were some surprises on it to say the least. The biggest surprise of all had to be former walk-on Benjamin Lampkin being named starter at left defensive end over JUCO player of the year Markus White and junior Kevin McNeil.

Coach Bowden said that Lampkin earned his way into the starting rotation and is a guy that has been here for Florida State and is reliable.

"He played a lot in the Kentucky ball game so he got some experience, Bowden said. "Right now he probably knows the position better than the next guy, but we got other guys ready too."

Lampkin couldn't be happier and is considering the decision for him to start an honor that he plans on taking full advantage of.

"I think it was a great honor by the coaches, they really trust me and they believe in me and the players believe in me so I'm trying to do the best I can this first game, Lampkin said. "It's a new position so I'm trying to do everything to help the team out."

Even Lampkin says he was a little surprised to see his name first on the depth chart when it was posted early Tuesday morning.

"It just felt, I guess it felt pretty good because they just named me a starter. I'm kind of a little bit in shock," the walk-on turned captain said. "Just not trying to think too much of it because I still have to go out there and practice, we all have to go out there and practice. We just got to do the best we can to help keep us prepared for the first game."

Most expected Markus White to take the job including Lampkin.

"Markus is a really good player. I figured he'd be the starter but coach chose me. I know he is going to get a lot of playing time too."

It is tough to find a better story than Lampkin who has worked extremely hard on the scout team for three years before finally getting a shot in last years Music City Bowl due to some suspensions. Although it seems nothing could get any better for Lampkin now,, he said he is still not satisfied.

"I think the hard work has paid off but there are still a lot of things that need to be done."

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