NoleDigest Pick'em Contest

Each week NoleDigest will run a Pick'em contest to see who knows college football best. The winner gets 2 months free premium subscription to the best Seminole coverage on the internet.

NoleDigest has annually run a Pick'em contest where we list a host of games and have members predict the winner of each game. This year we're adding a prize to it, where the winner after the college football season gets 2 free months premium membership to NoleDigest. These free months will come at the best time of the season when recruiting becomes fanatical and the discussion on the team reigns supreme.

Each week the list of games will be released on Tuesday, with the final predictions locked in by kickoff on Saturday. Each week we'll update the standings so we all can see who's on top of the leader board. You think you have what it takes to win the competition?

Here is the list of games to pick from this week:

Georgia Tech vs. Boston College
Mississippi vs. Wake Forest
Oregon State vs. Penn State
West Virginia vs. East Carolina
Miami vs. Florida
South Florida vs. UCF
BYU vs. Washington
Southern Mississippi vs. Auburn
Northwestern vs. Duke
Cincinnati vs. Oklahoma

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