UTC Head Coach discusses next opponent: FSU

This weekend Florida State faces Tennessee-Chattanooga from the Southern Conference. On Tuesday morning UTC's head coach Rodney Allison talked about their win last week against Cumberland, as well as what he expects this weekend when they come to Tallahassee.

Florida State started the season with a 69-0 win over Western Carolina, and this week they play another Southern Conference team in Tennessee-Chattanooga. The Moccasins beat Cumberland last week 47-6 which evened their record at 1-1. Rodney Allison held his weekly teleconference on this week's game versus the Seminoles, which will be aired on ESPNU at 3:45 PM. NoleDigest was there as he talked about the game this weekend.

Coach, can you talk about your win last week over Cumberland.

RA: Getting that first win is huge regardless of who you play. It's hard to win in college football so it was nice to get that fist (win). We played fairly well and won by a large margin. We had a test in week 1 against Okalahoma and now have another one this week at Florida State.

What does this win do for the confidence of your team?

RA: Winning is obviously not easy, but the win gives us some confidence. You don't go play schools like Florida State all the time. It's good for the kids. They know what's facing them. We know we need some breaks to make it competitive like we did last year at Arkansas. We're going to go in and give it our best shot.

Talk about Florida State and what you expect this weekend.

RA: FSU is down from what they were, but it's still FSU. They're fast, big and have a ton of athletes. I have a lot of respect for Coach Bowden and his family. I've known them for a while. I mean, he's the winningest coach in the history of college football.

What you get from Oklahoma and FSU is the upper level of college football. Those are two major programs.

What is the benefit of playing these big time schools?

RA: First is the money, but mainly it gives our guys a chance to play in that kind of environment. Florida State and Oklahoma play in it every week. When we went to Oklahoma we stayed in a nice hotel and ate $32 hotel food; usually its 3 movies and a bus ride for us. Our guys don't get that so it's good for them. We know FSU must give us opportunities so we can at least get it to the half with a chance.

What's the downside for playing these schools?

RA: Injuries, but they happen all of the time. We actually came out of the Cumberland game more beat up physically then we did after the Oklahoma game. On this level we lift, so the difference in actual strength is minor. The speed of the game is the biggest difference. Also, it's harder to lose 69-0 then it is 34-17 or whatever the score was last year when we played Arkansas. There are different variable involved that we have to face this week.

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