Fortson fitting right in

About nine months ago, Auburn fans couldn't wait for Jarmon Fortson to arrive on campus and see what the standout receiver from Carver High School in Georgia. Shortly before NSD, Fortson made it clear that he was going to play his college ball in garnet and gold, leaving ‘Nole fans everywhere excited. Saturday night, Fortson made his first appearance in Doak Campbell Stadium and didn't disappoint

As for any true freshman, Fortson says making his college debut was sort of nerve wracking. Luckily for him, once he got in there and had the chance to get his feet wet, he settled right in. When asked if Fortson had any pre-game jitters, he wasn't shy about admitting that he did.

"A lot of them," the true freshman said. "When I first ran out there I saw the lights, big stadium, lots of people but once I got that first rep, it was back to business."

For most players right out of high school, a redshirt year is almost a common thing in college football today. Even if they don't take a redshirt, they will usually wait a few games to even get on the field. Fortson didn't wait nearly as long. Not only did he play early in the first game of his career, he was also able to haul in his first ever touchdown pass from D'Vontrey Richardson.

Fortson celebrating his first career TD

"A lot of people like to make a big deal of it because it's the first touchdown of my career," Fortson said. "But you know, I gotta get addicted to them and go back to them again, again and again. It was good to get that first touchdown but there's more to come."

Even though Fortson had a very solid first showing as a college football player, he admits he got caught up in the atmosphere gazing off once in a while, and it was brought to his attention by his position coach, Lawrence Dawsey during film session.

"He said I graded pretty good, but on film he saw me a couple times (looking around at the crowd)."

He arrived on campus over the summer and has been working hard with the other receivers and quarterbacks ever since. The units spent ample time during the summer with the defense working in 7 on 7 passing drills. Fortson learned a lot during those two months but says he was also able to help out his teammates as well.

"That was the best thing I could have ever did. I was a freshman learning but I was teaching a lot too."

Jarmon says he has worked a little bit with the full backs and as a wing back in practice but is dedicated to becoming the next great receiver at Florida State. His unique combination of size and speed make him a tough player to defend for defenses. He will look to build on his last performance this Saturday when FSU host the moccasins of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

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