Big time junior has FSU on top of his list

Lamarcus Joyner is one of the top players in the state of Florida regardless of class. On September 1st colleges were allowed to officially offer juniors. Joyner says many schools have offered so far, including Florida State. NoleDigest spoke to Joyner to talk about his recruitment so far and to see if the Seminoles are still the favorite at this time.

Lamarcus Joyner is one of the most electric playmakers in Florida. Last Friday the tremendously talented safety/wide receiver had 4 catches for 152 yards and 2 scores, while accumulating 15 tackles and a sack on defense. It's this type of playmaking ability that has established Joyner as one to watch in 2010, and which has caused almost 10 colleges to offer so early in the process. He said that while he expected some offers early, he was still happy to see all of the interest so early.

"I was happy about the schools that offered me early," said Joyner. "Miami, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, West Virginia, N.C. State, FIU, Boston College and UCF all offered me over the past week. Schools like Notre Dame, California, Oregon, Kent State, Ole Miss and a bunch of schools send me hand written letters saying they're looking at me and are going to evaluate me throughout the year. It's motivation for me to get these offers. The whole recruiting process is from my hard work so I am going to keep it up."

Joyner has made it known that at this time Florida State is his favorite school. Ever since he was a kid watching football with his older brother he wanted to be a Seminole. With the scholarship offer in hand he says that dream has a chance to become a reality.

"Florida State has always been my favorite, and I don't have a problem saying it," expressed Joyner. "I remember as a kid my older brother used to love them so I would watch them play with him. I always wanted to be like him so I just took a liking to them. Having a chance to play there is a dream come true."

While Florida State has a solid lead over any of the other schools who'll come after Lamarcus, he told NoleDigest that he plans on going through the process to make sure FSU is the right fit overall. If his first visit to FSU is any indication, schools are going to have a tremendous hill to climb to knock the Noles from the top spot.

"While going to FSU is a dream come true I will take my visits," explained Joyner about how he'll take his time with the process. "Right now FSU is #1 with me and at the end they'll most likely be #1. I've always watched them from the outside, but now I am going take this chance to learn about them from the inside. I want to get a feel for the coaches."

"I went down for the Showtime Camp," continued Joyner. "I got to talk with Coach Amato and Coach Coley. They were telling me how much they love me as a player. I went there after the Friday Night Lights Camp at Florida, but I didn't participate because something came up and I had to get back home. I feel really comfortable with the coaches at FSU and you can tell Coach Amato and Coach Coley are comfortable with the Miami-area players. I like that. I was supposed to meet Coach Bowden when I was there but he was running late, but overall I got to see the campus and stuff. It was my first time there and it's so much better than what you see on television."

The dream to play for the Seminoles, combined with the coaching staff at FSU, makes the Noles the solid leaders over the other in-state powers in Miami and Florida. Joyner says that if any school can knock off the Seminoles it'll be the Hurricanes. Up until this past weekend the Gators had held the number two spot on Lamarcus' list.

"It's going to be so hard for a school to knock out FSU," said Joyner. "That school is going to have to come hard after me. With Miami there is pressure already, but it only becomes pressure if you let it. I'm my own man so I am going to do what's best for me. Before this weekend it was FSU, Florida and Miami, but after the game this past weekend Miami took over the #2 spot. Miami's coming hard after me and I like the family feel they have going on."

One aspect that'll play a role is the depth charts at the schools he is considering. For a school like FSU who is losing a lot this year, that stands out to him.

"You look at the depth at FSU, says Joyner, "and you see there'll be a lot of freshmen and sophomore there. I feel like I am going to outwork you and earn that spot. You look at them and see they play freshmen and that there is opportunity there. That's going to play a role."

The one knock on Joyner is his size. He isn't the biggest defensive back you'll find, but he feels that his game resembles another guy his size who's found a ton of success in the NFL.

"All of the schools that are recruiting me like me as a safety or receiver," explained Joyner. "I'm only 5'8" and 172 pounds right now, but when people say something about my size I mention Bob Sanders from the Colts. He is my role model and I try to play like him. Like him I am aggressive and I play ball hard. I'm trying to be the best in south Florida, period. When I get into college I think they'll get to where I want to be with my size."

The Seminoles are in a great position to land arguably the top player in Dade south Florida for 2010. The Hurricanes will make it a battle, but look for FSU to most likely land this talented playmaker in 2010. Stay tuned to NoleDigest for further updates with Lamarcus, as well as the rest of the 2010 recruiting class.

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