Gameday Predictions: UTC

Florida State hosts the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga this afternoon at 3:45 p.m. on ESPNU. NoleDigest gives a prediction on the game as well as a couple of member predictions.

KTBFSU on FSU vs. UTC Prediction

OU led UTC 50 to zip at the half.....the second half they called the dogs off.....57-2 was the final.

The Oklahoma game suggests - I say "suggests" because comparisons of the kind I'm about to make are imperfect and far from reliable - but it "suggests" that if we are solid club our front liners ought a kinda have their way with Utc's front liners. We'll see.

I think we pitch another shut out....and I think Ponder/Richardson/Jimbo continue to purposefully keep the foot on the gas deep into the third quarter.......because we sorta have to in order to continue to find our offensive identity......accordingly, Noles 65 - Utc 0.

Chiefnole on FSU vs. UTC Prediction

After thinking about it...73-12. I also think a safety is possible. A field goal makes sense, considering we should have had at least one scored on us last week. And one touch (would love for that not to happen though).

PJD on FSU vs. UTC Prediction

We might be a bit "over-confident" on the defensive side of the ball...but not the offense.

We've got 8 receivers fighting for playing time...2 QB's still locked in a battle...A starting RB that is being challenged, big-time...and 6 linemen fighting for the 3 remaining positions. Individually, none of them can afford to be over-confident if they want to continue playing. The "O" is going to put up big numbers again.

The Defense is another scenario. We're already thin...almost invisible there could be a let-down there. Even so...we've got a number of LB's fighting for playing time, now and in-the-future.


NoleDigest on FSU vs. UTC Prediction

Well, UTC will be a bigger challenge for Florida State compared to Western Carolina. A shut out is possible but probably unlikely. Florida State will try to jump on UTC early and often. We expect to see both QB's play today and runningback by committee like last week minus Carlton Jones. FSU will try to establish a running game with their size advantage. On defense FSU needs to stop UTC's running game and force them to be one dimensional. UTC will be playing today's game without their top WR. Defensively, FSU needs to put more pressure on the QB. We see this as another big win for the Noles.

Seminoles 55 Mocs 13

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