White: "This is the game right here."

Markus White was arguably the most prized recruit on the defensive side of the ball for the 2008 Florida State recruiting class. Since he arrived on campus, he has made plenty of noise making several plays during practice and having a solid outing in both of his first two games. Now, White is looking forward to the biggest game of his career thus far.

Although the first two games Florida State played were against FCS schools, White says with those two games under his belt, along with plenty of work against Florida State's offensive line in practice, he has learned what he must do to be successful at this level.

"I've learned that speed won't do everything for you," the JUCO transfer said. "Especially come Saturday night. It's going to be a combination of that, muscle and mainly technique."

White has spent this week working very hard and studying more film than he has in recent weeks. Markus is one of the most physically gifted players on the entire team but at the FBS level, it takes more than just athletic talent and that is what he as hear from his position coach.

"He (Jody Allen) said the main thing, is that I have a motor but that's just half of it. He said the other half is just as important and that's where the technical part comes in."

When it comes to desire to play the game of football, nobody can question that Markus has it. Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has gone on the record several times saying that White is the most determined player on the entire defense. Andrews has also said that there is not a player on the defense who gives more effort on every single play than White does.

"I've heard that all of my years growing up, White said." I try to thrive off that because everyone knows I'm determined and if I'm not then what do I have to show for the physically skills I have?"

The obvious talk about this week has to be ‘payback' and ‘revenge'. While that may seem very cliché, not one player on the Florida State roster has had a problem talking about how personal this game really is. Although White is new to the team, he knows what has happened in recent years and is looking forward to this game just as much as everyone else.

"I know our rivals are Florida and Miami, but to me, this is the game for us right now," White said. "Last time they came through and made it seem like it was nothing; like it was just another win for them. They came in our house and did that so it's time for us to show them what's up. A lot of guys are really taking this game to heart."

When Florida State played host to the University of Miami in 2005 was the last time when Florida State was ranked and found themselves hosting another ranked opponent. This is one of the biggest games Doak Campbell Stadium has seen in quite some time and White can't wait to for Florida State to use it to their advantage.

"We're at the bottom of the rankings right now, but we plan on beating this ranked team to move ourselves up, White said." So we're really excited to have this chance to keep moving up the rankings this early in the season."

Although having a number next to the school's name every week when a new poll comes out it nice, the ultimate goal for this team is to win the games that matter the most and this is a key game for Florida State this season. White put it best when asked how this game is going to help Florida State reach their goals this season.

"Winning the ACC title starts with this game right here."

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