Ponder talks Wake Forest

Two days before the biggest game of his career, Christian Ponder stopped to talk with the media about how he and the team plan to handle Wake Forest Saturday night. See what he had to say on several issues including the 30-0 shutout from two years ago.

Coach Bowden said today was a pretty tough practice today. Can you elaborate on what happened out there?

A lot of guys were just mentally not focused today. I don't think it's anything big. We just have to regroup and get in our meetings and everything will be fine.

Has there been more of a buzz about this game than in previous years?

Yeah. There has. People have been talking about this. We have the chance to show that we're back on top and we can play. A lot of people were talking about how we played D-1AA teams and that's fine; but we got to show out that we can execute against them as well.

Any regrets on the pseudo guarantee earlier this week?

No, not at all. The guys have really backed me up and worked hard all week. We're ready to go and everyone else is ready to go we'll be ready.

Jimbo say anything to you about it?

No he didn't.

You're supposed to be confident anyways right?


I think that is what this program might have been missing, right?

I think so. We definitely have a lot of confidence. We may have been living in the past a little bit and we though. We were already hoping that we're already Florida State and that's what we were banking on and not really working hard. We lost a lot of confidence but we've definitely gained a lot of confidence the first two games so it's definitely helped us.

Have you approached this week any differently?

No not really. A football game is a football game. It's a little tougher game but the preparation is about the same.

Do you feel that if you win this game you will be in the driver's seat to win the division?

It would put us in the driver's seat and put us a step forward. It's defiantly a game that we need to win because as long as we can control things, it will help us out.

Were you at the game two years ago?

Yeah. It's a game that leaves a sour taste in your mouth and everyone is still talking about it. Hopefully we can use this game to prove ourselves that we're back and we can execute just as well as they can.

It seems like Alphonso Smith has made a living off of picking off quarterbacks.

Yeah he has. He's a great corner. He really knows how to read things and he really has a knack for where the ball is going to go. I think he's a very intelligent football player. He's a guy that we're definitely preparing for.

Florida State will play host to Wake Forest Saturday night a 7:00 p.m. and will broadcast nationally on ESPN2.

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