Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

Lonnie Pryor's senior season is well underway. In this week's version of his diary he talks about how his senior year is going, his thoughts on Florida State, and how he sees his senior year turning out.

Entry No. 22

I've been watching the Tennessee-Chattanooga game. The team has been doing well and the offense looks good. Corey Surrency is pretty bad. I can't wait to see the Wake game in person this weekend.

This past week we won our game 44-6. I had 4 TDs on a 79 yard kick return, 2 rushing and one receiving. We have a lot of offensive formations we haven't used we. We threw for over 200 yards so we've been able to spread it around with more than just one guy getting the ball. If we keep doing this we're going to be okay I think. The game against Jupiter Christian wasn't our night, and the only other tough games we have are against Ft. Pierce Central and Westwood. I hope we can get to 9-1 going into the playoffs. This weekend we play Sebring and I can't wait. They beat us last year so we cannot wait to get revenge this year.

School itself is going okay. It's been pretty easy so far except for Spanish 2. I can't stand that class at all. I hate it. It's the only class I have a "C" in right now.

I talked to Coach Fisher Sunday morning. I was telling him how I was coming up for the Wake game and all that. He said he was proud of me for how I've been playing so far and that he can't wait to see me. I also spoke to Coach Coley. He said the same things as Coach Fisher. I really like him. He is cool and you can tell he is a fiery coach.

I am excited for this game. I can't wait to see all of the coaches and some of the recruits I have been talking to. I talked to Dustin Hopkins this past weekend and I have been talking to John Prior and Henry Orelus on MySpace. Also I can't wait to hang out with Jacobbi McDaniel, and I want to talk to E.J. Manuel again. I plan on talking to some of the other guys there too about FSU.

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