Grades and Tomahawks vs. Wake Forest

Florida State (2-1) loss their first game of the season against Wake Forest (3-0) by a score of 12-3. Florida State committed 7 turnovers last night in the kicking contest.

Offense- F. Florida State's offense did not play a good game at all. They committed 7 turnovers and multiple penalties. The Seminoles never sustained long drives on offense. The offense only managed to gain 220 yards against an above average defense. Both young quarterbacks were excited with nerves and it showed on Saturday night. For the most part the wide receivers got open during the contest but the plays were never made. The offensive line did a solid job in the passing game and during the running game at times. FSU has failed to score an offensive touchdown against Wake in the last 8 quarters of football.

Defense- A. This game would have been a lot worse if the defense did not show up to play. Wake Forest won the battle of field position but the defense held strong when it mattered most. They did not allow a TD all game. For playing a team with multiple experienced starters they held their own. Florida State played last night without 4 starters. Coach Andrews did a very good job of making Skinner uncomfortable in the pocket by mixing blitzes. Kenny Ingram had a nice play when he knocked the ball down on a critical 4th down play. Tony Carter had a big fumble recovery. Kendall Smith had the sack that forced the fumble.

Special Teams- C-.- Florida State made a field goal and missed a big field goal. Shawn Powell had an excellent punt of 56 yards. The kick-off return team is still not very good. FSU also wasted a timeout in the first half because they did not have enough men on the field.


-Shawn Powell for averaging 47.5 yards per punt

-The defense for not allowing a TD

-Kendall Smith for a big sack that forced a fumble

-Rod Roberts for a sack

-Kenny Ingram for a nice pass break-up on 4th down

-Korey Mangum for a nice play forcing a fumble

-Tony Carter for a fumble recovery.

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