Watson looking to boost defense

Dekoda Watson is one of the emotional leaders not just for Florida State's defense, but for the entire football team. Watson was one of the players forced to miss the first three games of the season but is now back and ready to contribute on the field immediately. He gives the already deep linebacker position a huge boost and it will likely show this weekend.

Sitting out of a football game for someone who is accustomed to contributing every single week can be extremely tough. For Dekoda Watson, who was involved in Florida State's academic scandal, it was no different. Actually, if you ask him, it was probably tougher than it was on most players.

"It was killing me to not be able to be on the field these first couple weeks," Watson said. Especially that last game against Wake Forest. Even though the defense was playing well, it just hurt me so much to not be out there when my boys are in a dog fight like that."

This week, Watson knew he would be back and felt an extra hop in his step. For the past few weeks of practice, Watson was forced to participate on Florida State's scout team as oppose to working with the first team defense which is the norm for him.

"It's a wonderful feeling to take off the gold jersey and get back out here. Our defense has been holding it down so far so I just want to come back and give it that extra boost."

After a tough loss to Wake Forest, Watson says the team is ready to go and needs to get it going right from the first snap.

"I know without a doubt that I'm gonna be ready to go. A lot of my family and friends are making the trip and there's a lot of expectations from us now that we're pretty much back at full strength. I just can't wait to get out there and play."

The only thing that worries Watson right now is the fear that he may be over-hyped for the game. Watson is use to playing with a lot of emotion and is focusing on playing the game right.

"That's one thing I'm worried about for myself. I want to be up for the game but I don't want to go out there and be too hyped and lose focus. I just need to make sure I stay focused and keep with my assignments and everything will work out."

As far as the game goes, getting back on track is a must for Florida State this weekend following last weekend set back against Wake Forest. The only thing Watson and the defense can control, is making sure that Colorado doesn't score, which opponents haven't done much of against the ‘Noles this season.

"I have a good feeling about the game. Colorado is a very good football team and it won't be easy to go out there and beat them but I think with our defense having most of our guys back, we can give us a good chance to win."

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