Smurf anxious for biggest game of his life

This weekend will be the first time Corey Surrency returns back to his hometown of Miami in quite some time. He is one of the lucky ones who made it out of the struggle in Dade County and now plays for Florida State University. Heading into the week, Smurf is looking to get back on the field and start contributing once again.

Corey Surrency will head back home this weekend for what he is calling the biggest game of his life. He is trying his best not to get too worked up just stay focused for the game Saturday afternoon.

"It means a lot to me," Surrency said. "I get to go back to my hometown and play a college football game. I'm just trying to take it easy right now."

Heading back home where he knows practically everyone from his neighborhood, Smurf has been receiving plenty of ticket requests and is doing his best to make sure that he can get as many people into Dolphin Stadium as possible. Scholarship athletes at FSU only get a limited number of tickets to each game so that may be tough.

"Everyone keeps calling me trying to get tickets but I only get four tickets so it's hard. I'm trying to get all of these spare tickets and everything so everyone can come see me."

For Surrency, who has been through it all, and played exceptionally well for only having four college football games under his belt, you would think he is taking this game like he has been around for years; but he does admit that there are some butterflies floating around.

"To be honest I'm nervous as you know what. I'm just trying to get ready for it though," Surrency said. "This is the game you come to Florida State for. I mean it's the first game that jumps out on the schedule when you see it."

Corey didn't see as much time this past weekend but is definitely looking forward to getting back on the field Saturday. In Coach Fisher's press conference Monday afternoon, the offensive coordinator said he will make a point to get Surrency on the field this weekend now that he is confident he can do more than just go deep and haul in bombs.

Smurf was still a little upset after not getting much playing time against Colorado but it definitely looking towards the future.

"It was a little upsetting not getting in there. I just wanted to be in there and block or anything so hopefully I get in this week and do something. There's no reason why I shouldn't."

Whether it's a deep post or a slant, Surrency is making it clear that he just wants to get involved in the offense again.

"Just get me the ball," Smurf said with a grin.

Look for Corey to play a bigger role this weekend as he returns to his hometown of Miami and continues to give Christian Ponder a big target down field.

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