Will Pat Play?

Florida State cornerback Patrick Robinson led the ACC in interceptions last season with six but has had a slow start to his 2008 campaign. Robinson was forced to sit out the first few games due to a suspension and had a rough first game back leaving the game injured after a kick-off return. His status is now questionable for his return home to Miami.

Patrick Robinson was just getting back into the groove this past Saturday as he took a kick-off return for 39 yards. Then he didn't get up for a while. It turned out that Robinson suffered a serious bruise on his lower back and that was enough to sideline him for the rest of the game.

Whether or not he will be able to play this weekend is still up in the air.

"I feel a lot better than I did early on this week," Robin said. "I was out there running around and everything and felt pretty good. I'm probably about only 50 percent right now but that's a lot better than I felt Saturday and early this week."

The progress Robinson has made so far health wise this week has been exception. Robinson said that if the game had been on Monday or Tuesday that he would definitely have to sit this one out. When asked if he thinks he will be good to go or not for this weekends rivalry game, Robinson replied by saying, "I'm not too sure. I was feeling pretty good today though. Hopefully throughout the week I get a little better and should be good to go."

Robinson, who is a native of Miami, Florida, thinks that once he gets back in Dade County that he will start to feel a little better. Going back home is always a special game for any player and it would be no exception for Pat.

"It would mean a lot to me," Robinson said. "This is a big game. It's a rivalry people watch all across the nation. It would mean a lot for me to play in this game and help my team win."

However, the possibility that Robinson will not be able to go is still there. If he can't get a little healthier by this weekend, he may not be cleared to play and he will be forced to watch yet another game this season from the sidelines.

"It's going to be disappointing if I can't go, but even if that's the case, I want to help my teammates out. I can help them on the field and let them know what to watch out for and everything."

The last time Florida State played in Miami, it was at the Orange Bowl and Robinson was just a freshman whose playing duties were restricted solely to special teams. Times have certainly changed as Robinson last season established himself at Florida State's "lockdown" cornerback and this year the ‘Noles and ‘Canes will play in Dolphin Stadium.

Robinson plans to use his early experience against Miami from his freshman year to help other freshman and young players who will likely see significant playing time this weekend.

"I was really nervous back then. I didn't get much time on defense. I played a lot of special teams and everything and I was just amazed by the atmosphere. That was the first game I ever played in a Seminole uniform so I'm trying to help the younger guys know what to expect when they go through that this year."

The loser of this game will likely play themselves right out of the ACC title race as they will move to 0-2 in conference play. The winner will still need some help but the goal of winning the conference crown will become much more manageable.

"This is big. The winner is still alive and hopefully it will be us so we can keep going forward for the ACC title."

Having Robinson available for this game would be huge as Tony Carter was also injured during last weekend's game against Colorado and will most likely not be 100 percent for the game. The two will likely be the full time starters as the ‘Noles' continue to get further into their schedule and they can stay healthy. Back-ups Korey Mangum and Michael Ray Garvin have played solid and will help fill the void for the garnet and gold until the unit gets back to full strength.

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