Lonnie Pryor Diary Entry

This past weekend Lonnie Pryor had the best game of his career (348 yards and 5 TD's) in Okeechobee's 49-41 win over Glades Day School. In this week's diary entry he talks about his game and among other things the FSU win over archrival Miami last weekend.

Entry No. 23

I had a lot of fun this past weekend with my game and the FSU game in Miami. I had the best game I've ever had. Last year I went for 302 yards which was the most I've had. Before every game my coach and I talk about the goals he has for me that he wants to see me meet. This week he said he needed 250 yards and 3 TDs from me, and I told him I'd get that for him. My line blocked well and my receivers did a good job of running with me down the field picking up blocks. They helped me a lot.

For the season I'm now at 1,109 yards on 120 carries and 12 scores. I also have 2 receiving touchdowns. I am close to breaking the 4,000 yard mark for my career. If I have another game this week like I've been having I should break it this week. I have 3,905 for my career.

The FSU/Miami game was so fun. My quarterback got me and some teammates tickets so I went with them. What was cool was people knew who I was when I was sitting there. I was sitting next to a bunch of FSU fans that were having a bunch of fun. They were talking a lot of smack, especially when they brought in the Harris kid from Northwestern. There were a couple fans from Miami that went to school there who were getting really mad about that.

I was really nervous in the second half. The first half everyone was celebrating and happy. The second half was crazy. Besides a few mistakes the offense did well. FSU is doing pretty well this season. They're 4-1 now and they keep improving. With the class we have coming in 2009 I don't think anyone is going to be able to stop us.

Nothing else has been really going on. I talked to Coach Coley after my game this week like I always do; he said I had an unbelievable game. I haven't been talking to too many people. I've pretty much been hanging out playing my games and doing stuff on the weekends. Most likely I will be making the rest of the home games for FSU so that should be fun.

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