5-star commit loves the way FSU is playing

Jacobbi McDaniel was the first commitment for the 2009 class, and he has been a centerpiece for the coaches to build the class on. Also, he has been a guy who's been trying to spread the word to his fellow recruits that it's time to put the fear back in the spear. NoleDigest caught up with McDaniel to talk about how his senior year has been going and his thoughts on the season so far.

Jacobbi McDaniel arguably is the best defensive tackle in the nation for the 2009 recruiting class. While he doesn't have the sheer size as other tackles do, the 6'1" 280 pound tackle uses his speed and ability to overpower his opposition. His senior campaign has gotten off to a good start as his Madison team is 3-0 and averaging 50 points a game.

"The season is going well," said McDaniel. "We're 3-0 right now and we're averaging at least 50 points a game. East Gadsen was the first to score on us last week and we aren't too happy about that. We have Taylor County from Perry this weekend so we need to get that goose egg this week."

Individually Jacobbi says that he hasn't been playing too much as he routinely has been playing only the first half of the first 3 games this year. He's been facing double and triple teams each week, but he says he has to continue to fight through them to make an impact for his team.

"I've been playing the first half only so far this year," continued McDaniel on how his senior year is going. "I feel like I had my best game against Suwannee when I had 8 tackles with 4 for loss. I feel like I dominated that half. For the season I have like 20some tackles with 9 for loss. I don't have any sacks yet and I am mad about that. I've been facing double and triple-teams but its no excuse. I have to get it done."

Jacobbi has been paying a lot of attention to what the Seminoles have been doing so far this year. He says he's been very impressed with the way the defense has been playing, and that he is happy to see how the offense has been coming around since the Wake Forest game.

"My decision to come to Florida State is solid no matter what happened this season, but I like what I've seen so far," stated McDaniel. "The Wake game was tough but the defense held them to only 12 points. There are going to be games like that. To see the offense rebound and score 41 against Miami shows me they're really moving forward and are progressing."

"The defense is playing really well," continued McDaniel on how he thinks the Seminoles are doing this year. "I was talking to Coach Haggins and he said when they get a few more guys in the middle that defense is going to be the FSU defense of old. Seeing how they played against Wake made me happy because it showed me that regardless of what is going on they are going to come to play. That was a positive for me and it has to be a positive for the players who are looking at FSU. With all of the young players you can see the future is there."

Growing up in the state of Florida and being a big-time Seminole fan means that McDaniel has always taken interest in the Florida State/Miami rivalry. He was happy to see the outcome of the game last weekend and thinks the team is in for a good year.

"That was a fun game to watch," said McDaniel. "To see them go into Miami and play like that was spectacular to see. Watching that first half I was really happy to see how the team is playing. You know they showed that Miami player crying on TV….I didn't care about that because I wanted to see FSU keep going. I liked the way Antone played. You can see this season he's putting a lot into it and that he wants to leave a good impression before he leaves."

Jaccobi told NoleDigest that he plans on making the rest of the home games for FSU this season and that he is still on pace to enroll early in January. As long as everything goes to plan he'll be a student at FSU before he knows it.

"I can't wait for the Florida game," said McDaniel, "because I plan on coming decked out in FSU stuff. I plan on making the rest of the games, too. As far as enrolling early, I'm still planning on doing that. I have to finish up my English 4 class and two math classes this semester. I took the rest this summer so after these classes I'm done. I have B's in all of them and I have a qualifying test score already. I'm very excited. As long as I finish up strong I will be a Seminole next semester."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track the rest of Jacobbi's senior season, as well as the rest of the commitments to FSU's 2009 recruiting class.

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