Catching up with WR Josh Gehres

When the news spread that Anthony Hill wasn't going to be coming to Florida State after greyshirting, people started wondering if other greyshirts were going to meet the same fate. NoleDigest spoke to Josh Gehres to talk about what he's been up to since Signing Day and to talk about when he's expected to be at FSU.

Josh Gehres joined the long lineage of players from Lincoln that signed with Florida State out of high school. Josh committed late in the process after he jumped on the chance to wait for a semester before he enrolled at FSU. Along with Garrett Faircloth, Blake Snider and Anthony Hill, Gehres agreed to be a greyshirt from the 2008 class. After the news broke that Hill wasn't coming to FSU, many Seminole fans wondered if any of the other greyshirts would see the same fate. According to Josh everything is still lined up for him to come to FSU in January.

"I've been trying to stay in contact as much as possible with the coaches at Florida State," said Gehres. "I know they are focused on the season so I understand that. I'm stuck on FSU and they like me a lot. I'm still coming in January and they want to come in and be ready."

Josh told NoleDigest that he's been working hard in the classroom and in the weight room as he waits to realize his lifelong dream. He said that he's trying to stay the same size as that is where he feels he'll make the biggest impact as a Nole.

"I've been taking some classes and working out in a local gym here," said Gehres about what he's been up to. "I'm taking a chemistry class, an engineering lab and Calculus 2. I'm pretty much done with most of my pre-requisite stuff from my AP classes in high school so if things go as planned I should enter FSU with 37 credit hours. Right now I am still around 195 pounds which is good because this is where I am trying to stay before I get there (to FSU). Mainly I am trying to work on my speed before I get there."

Josh has long been an FSU fan as his grandfather played for the Seminoles, as well as his family having season tickets. He said that he's been to every home game this year and thinks the team is really coming around.

"My grandfather has tickets so I've been to every home game," said Gehres. "The offense is doing alright this year and you can see them catching on. The Wake Forest game was real hard fought. Wake is a top 25 team but I think FSU should have won that game. I can see a difference this year in the team. I just love it there and I love the atmosphere during the games."

Gehres got a taste of what it'll be like as a Seminole when he took part in the summer weightlifting and conditioning program. He said working with the team was a dream come true and that he is excited to become a full-time player next semester.

"Working with the team over the summer was a dream come true for me," explained Gehres. "I loved being around the coaches and players. FSU really is the perfect place for me. Once I learned the speed of the game I picked up on it and adjusted well. The camaraderie we have as a freshmen class I thought was great. The coaches did a great job putting the class together. When we got there we all got along well and were really pushing each other. I can't wait to get there and put the pads on for practice."

At Lincoln Gehres was a legit downfield threat as he averaged over 40 yards per reception. A misconception about Josh is that he is a possession receiver. He has his sights set on more than that, and he hopes to have a career that mirrors a receiver that starred for the Noles during the dynasty era.

"When I get there I want to be a guy who supports my team and is a role player and team player," said Gehres. "By that I mean I am going to do whatever the coaches want me to do. People think I am, but I don't think I am a possession receiver. I grew up going to Kez McCorvey's camp as a kid. That is who I want to be like as a player. He was a guy who was dependable. He caught the ball every time and had the speed to get away from his man."

Stay tuned to NoleDigest as we track Gehres progress before he gets to FSU, as well as the rest of the greyshirts from the 2008 class.

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