Offensive line gets younger

It was announced today that Will Furlong will be forced to sit out 6-8 weeks after undergoing surgery on his foot. That opens the door for freshman David Spurlock to step in and fill the void adding even more youth to an already young offensive line.

When Will Furlong left the game Thursday night with a foot injury, freshman David Spurlock was forced to step in and play big minutes. Spurlock has not seen a significant amount of playing time this season so far, but will be seeing plenty of it in the near future.

As far as Thursday night's performance, Spurlock not only caught the eye of his position coach with his performance, but also boosted the play of the offensive line as a unit.

"I thought he (Spurlock) did pretty good," Rick Trickett said. "I tell you what; when he went in there, since him and Zebrie are pretty good buddies, I thought Zebrie's play picked up."

With the injury to Furlong, the youngest offensive line in the country just got a lot younger. Coach Trickett is doing his best to stay positive as of right now while focusing on the attribute that Spurlock brings to the line, as opposed to what they lose with Furlong.

"Things happen. What are you gonna do? Just the next guy has to pick up a riffle and we gotta keep getting it. Furlong only has four games on Spurlock so it's not like we've got two years of experience here that were losing. We'll just pick up and go with it with three freshman now."

Although Trickett is doing his best to remain positive about the unit, he knows that they young line still has a lot to learn and the only thing that will help in that area is time. As for right now, Trickett just wants to stick to the basics and let the rest come with time.

"They all got things to work on. They got two years of things to work on. I mean we're not even close to where we're gonna be. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible for now and we're gonna try to perfect it."

The loss of Furlong definitely hurts the offensive line as far as depth goes, but another injury could prove to be the final straw in what was looking like a group progressing at an extremely fast rate. Trickett, however, isn't worried about that.

"We're not gonna lose anybody else. I don't think that way. We just gotta keep rock and rollin'. We got guys that can play. We'll get it done. I don't like to play five of them anyways."

This Saturday against Virginia Tech, Florida State will be starting three true freshman next to returning freshman All-American's Rodney Hudson and Ryan McMahon. For most teams, this would spell disaster, but for some reason, Florida State has found a way to make it work. Don't be surprised if they continue to surprise the nation and lead Florida State's best running game in years.

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